After CNA Training: Living Space, Personal Space, and Privacy for Your Patients

cna trainingCNA training provides you with a unique opportunity. It allows you to work with patients and residents of hospitals, nursing home, assisted living facilities, and those in home health. It allows you the opportunity to provide these individuals with the care, attention, and treatment they deserve and need.







During CNA training, however, you will also learn three other important things you will be able to provide your patients after you have finished your CNA training courses: living space, privacy, and personal space. During your training, you will learn what each of these things are and how you can help your patients and residents obtain them.


For now, though, we have provided you with a brief overview.



After CNA Training: Your Patient’s Living Space


After CNA training, it will be your responsibility to ensure your patients are always comfortable. Unfortunately, lack of space in a nursing home can make this difficult. Your residents may not have a lot of living space to call their own. There will be some, however, that are lucky enough to obtain their own rooms, or split a rather large room with another patient. Whatever the circumstances, you should encourage both the resident and the resident’s family to make the space their own.


Check with your head nurse and see if furniture from home may be brought in. If so, have the resident’s family bring in furniture that will make the room feel more like home, so they are comfortable and relaxed. Even a small dresser can give the resident a feeling of belonging.


Personal Space After CNA Training


After CNA training, you will find that your patients are just like you. When they are interacting with others, there is a certain space, let’s call it a bubble, they don’t want breached. This bubble generally extends about 18 inches from their body, and when it is invaded, they may feel anxious, scared, or even angry.


While many of the tasks you have to complete after CNA training will require you to breech this bubble, you can do so without making your resident feel anxious by letting them know ahead of time. This why CNA training stresses the importance of telling your residents each step you are going to take in a procedure. If they know what is happening, they will feel like they are being care for, instead of violated.


After CNA Training: Your Patients’ Privacy


Privacy is something that everyone will agree is important. It’s why we wear clothes, whisper secrets, and lock the door when we go into the restroom. We all value our privacy, and so do your patients.


After CNA training, maintaining a patient’s privacy is essential. You can do this though, by always closing the door and drawing the curtains after CNA training, ensuring your patients are always dressed when outside their room and wearing a robe if necessary, and keep their private information to yourself.


Ensuring your patients are comfortable and cared for is your job after CNA training. You can do this by helping them define their living space, giving them the appropriate amount of personal space, and ensuring their privacy after CNA training.





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