After CNA Training: Problems You’ll Face

cna trainingCNA Training

I would never consider myself an expert in CNA training by any means, but I do like to help where I can. I’ve learned a lot throughout my career as a certified nursing assistant, and if my advice or insight can help someone who is thinking about this line of work in any way, I feel like I’ve contributed. There are many fantastic aspects to this job, and I have to say it has been a life-changer for me. Like any occupation, though, there are issues that can and do occur. By reading this, you’re one step ahead of where I was 8 years ago: you have a chance to know what’s going to happen.

How does this help? Well, for one, knowing what problems you might face after CNA training can help you decide whether you want to actually go through CNA training and start this career. Secondly, knowing these problems can help you figure out beforehand how you’ll hand them. I wasn’t so lucky, but that’s okay. I’m quick on my feet.

CNA Training: Problems you Might Have After

I’m Better Than you- When I first began working after CNA training, I thought that every CNA I met had a great advantage on me. They all knew exactly what had to be done and were ready and able to do it. It was a little mind-blowing for me to find out that several of the individuals I worked with had only been CNAs one or two months longer than I had. And yet, they treated me like I was a two year old they had to mind. Solving this one was easier than you might think. To fit in with those who think they are better, you’ve got to believe you are just as good. After CNA training, I started standing up for myself and my self-esteem soared. They couldn’t touch me.

Bullying- Another issue I discovered quickly after CNA training was bullying, by my colleagues and my superiors. Sometimes they’d call me out for a mistake in front of a patient or talk about someone else behind their back. This problem isn’t so easy to stop. My advice is to always take the high road. Don’t listen to the gossip or participate in it, turn the other cheek, and if all else fails, consult your nurse manager or director of nursing for help.

Short Staffing- Short staffing is a problem that plagues many medical facilities these days, and it’s often due to people entering CNA training, working for a bit, and then discovering that they really don’t want to continue doing the work for the rest of their life. It takes someone special to be a CNA. If you’re faced with short staffing problems, the answer isn’t going to be as direct as you might want it to be. You may have to deal with the issue for a while until your superiors are able to find and hire new CNAs. If it’s becoming too much, though, don’t be afraid to talk to your director of nursing. Let them know you’re quickly becoming burnt out and need extra help. They may have a few solutions that can help you.

Problems After CNA Training

Want to begin CNA training classes? Be aware that the life of a CNA isn’t always fun or exciting. There may be some problems you have to overcome, but if you’re willing to try, you can truly enjoy this life after CNA training.

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