After CNA Training – Secrets to Becoming a Vital Employee

CNA TrainingYour Career After CNA Training

If you’re fresh out of CNA training, you’re either looking for your first job or you may be a few days or weeks into your new medical career. In today’s economy (or any other for that matter) no one wants to be thought of as a dispensable employee. It can be especially intimidating when you’re one of several newer employees, right out of CNA training, and haven’t yet established a track record. You may be wondering, –what if they make budgetary cuts? Will I be the first to go? How do I know where I stand?

Instead of wondering where you currently stand, the best thing to do is to increase your value as a CNA training graduate. You can accomplish this by taking simple steps every day. Here is our list of “CNA Training Graduate Value Boosters.”

  • Don’t be the queen of calling in sick. This seems so simple, but CNA training graduates (as well as employees in every industry) seem to think that calling in sick at least twice per month is standard. Newsflash, –it’s not, and it decreases your value as an employee. The more often you call in, the more unreliable and uncommitted to your job you will seem. Of course, if you are truly ill this is a different story.
  • Be on your A-game when it comes – If you want to increase your value as a CNA training graduate, become the eyes and ears of the facility you work for. The first step to this is being sure you share all vital information as soon as you acquire it. Does one of your patients have a fever, did they vomit, or do they show signs of bed sores? All these things should be recorded and verbally shared as soon as possible. When you, as a CNA training graduate, make your job a true priority, you will become more valuable as well.
  • No one likes complainers – Whether you’re fresh out of CNA training or have several months or more under your belt, always take the assignment given to you without complaining.  From a management point of view, you become less and less valuable the more you complain. Instead, become the ‘go to person,’ –the one who is willing to do whatever you can to help the team. That’s what makes an indispensable CNA training graduate.
  • Be proactive – Are you the kind of CNA training graduate who gets by with the bare minimum, leaving any extra side work for the next shift or the next person who notices? Taking initiative and being proactive about restocking items and cleaning up messes will never go unnoticed for long. You should even go one step further and help other CNA training graduates who may be newer than you and falling behind. Never complain about your fellow CNA training graduates or leave them behind without help. This shows your supervisor that you are NOT a team player and definitely decreases your value as an employee.

Adding Value as a CNA Training Graduate

Being a valuable, proactive, upbeat, team player is essential if you want to move up the ranks from dispensable to irreplaceable.

After CNA training, don’t stop there, –continue to improve, learn and grow!

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