After CNA Training: Should you Work During Nursing School?

cna trainingCNA Training

Many individuals who dream about becoming nurses decide to take CNA training first. Why? Becoming a CNA allows them to experience the health care industry first-hand before spending thousands on an education they may not end up using. It also allows them to gain experience and earn a little extra cash while they’re attending nursing school.

Despite the fact that we all have bills, and CNA training can help keep the lights on while we’re attending nursing school, many institutions will actually discourage you from working while you’re going to school. Why? Here are a few of their reasons.

Nursing School After CNA Training

  • Time Management- Working after CNA training while you’re in nursing school is a great way to test your skills and improve your ability to work with patients, but in some cases, it may just be too much. Many nursing schools will discourage you from working after CNA training because they know that nursing school will be hard enough to manage on its own. With classes, homework, clinicals, and school activities, you won’t have much time for yourself, let alone a full-time job as a CNA.
  • Class Schedules- Another reason that many schools discourage you from actually attending CNA training and finding a job as a CNA afterward is because of the class schedules for nursing school. Some may occur at various times during the week or even on the weekend, and a work schedule could interfere with your ability to attend each class every week. While some classes are now available online, they are often only available at certain times and still take up a lot of time.
  • The Future is Worth it- When you want to become a nurse, your future is open to bright possibilities, but only if you spend your time during nursing school focused on what you should be doing. If CNA training and working as a CNA gets in the way of your studies, you may not be able to attract job offers from the best institutions after you graduate from your LPN or RN program.

Working After CNA Training

While some nursing schools do discourage you from working while you’re attending classes, not all will. In fact, some actually believe that attending CNA training is a beneficial and necessary part of improving your career. Many believe that graduating from CNA training will help you obtain experience and skills that will be helpful down the road.

If you do decide to take CNA training classes and work during nursing school, be smart about your decisions. Make arrangements with your employer so you don’t miss any of your classes and have plenty of hours left in the day to study. Working full-time is easier during the first two years of your nursing program. However, during the last few semesters, it may be wise to work only part-time or not at all so you can focus on finishing your education.This way you’ll reap all of the benefits of your career after CNA training.

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