After CNA Training: Stress-Reducing Tips From Santa

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After CNA training, life can be a bit stressful, especially during the holiday season. These times are the days that we tend to go overboard, and all in the name of holiday spirit. Around Christmas, we eat more, work more, and sleep less, and all of this can cause us to be stressed out more than we typically should.

While we may make excuses to ourselves after CNA training that this is just to be expected during Christmastime, the reality is that we don’t have to be stressed out at all. With a few tips from Santa Claus, you can reduce your stress during the holidays.

Stress Relief Tips From Santa to Use After CNA Training

  • Remember- Santa knows exactly what Christmastime is all about, and you should as well after CNA training. It’s about caring about others, being with family, loving, and sharing. After CNA training, spend as much time as you can with the people you love and remember why you took CNA courses in the first place- to love and care for individuals who need you.
  • Be Fair- Santa takes 364 days off a year. Yes, much of this time is spent directing the elves and ensuring that each and every toy is made correctly, but he takes time to relax. And on his one real work day a year? He indulges in his favorite foods: cookies and milk. While you may have to work more than just one day a year, you should still take a page from his book after CNA training; take time for yourself so you can relax.
  • Share- When Santa needs assistance, he doesn’t puff out his chest and say “I’m Santa Claus, I can do it all myself.” No, he relies on help from his elves and Mrs. Claus. During the holiday season, when you are working, shopping, and cooking, don’t try to take on all that responsibility by yourself. If you need help, ask for it. Delegate chores and tasks. Don’t take on two extra shifts just to be nice. Share so you can reduce your stress.
  • Plan Ahead- Do you think the elves wait until the first week of December to start making toys? No, and you shouldn’t wait until then to begin thinking about the holidays after CNA training. Reduce your stress by planning ahead and figuring out though the year what you need in order to have an anxiety-free season.
  • Be Smart- When you were a child, did Santa bring you everything you requested? Probably not. He’s smart about his budget and you should be too. Whether you are budgeting time or money after CNA training, make sure you are realistic. Otherwise you are going to spend the next year trying to repair the damage you did during the holiday season and you won’t be able to get a head start on the next one.

Holiday Stress is Not Necessary After CNA Training

Stressed about the holidays? With these tips from Santa Claus, you can easily learn how to reduce your stress and have a fantastic Christmas after CNA training.

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