After CNA Training; Taking Your Career Abroad

cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

As a CNA in the United States, have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your career abroad? Is the training the same? Are the medical titles even the same? Here’s a quick look at CNA training and positions in France.

One of the public hospitals, named L’Hopital Avicenne, is a venue in France where training for becoming a Certified Nursing Aide is provided. The said hospital is located in the northeastern part of Paris, Bobigny, and was originally built for French Muslims. Currently this hospital is regarded as a teaching hospital, equipped with all the fundamental areas such as the Intensive Care Unit, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Surgical, Emergency Department, Psychiatry units, and pediatric section. On average, CNA training is learned, hands on by working with over 30,000 admitted patients in a year. 

After CNA Training; CNA in France vs. CNA in the US

How does CNA training in France differ from that of in the United States? For starter, this training encompasses 10 whole months of what it referred to as didactic stage. This study stage is crucial and among the top requisites before obtaining the title “nursing assistant”. Students who come from other parts of Europe or non-French are provided with translators so as to aid the doctors and nurses who are engaged in the training. The student is then required to work in and be exposed to the hospital environment for three years. When this 3-year exposure and experience is complete, a test must be taken by the student. Once the test is passed, then the nursing coursework must be completed as well. A trainee may obtain this coursework by studying at an institute or medical/nursing university. CNA training also requires a 2-year clinical experience before a certificate is issued. As in any other course, complete hospital experience and theoretical studies are both required to become a full-fledged nurses aide.

Unlike in the US, the French nurses and nurses aides are not required to obtain continuing education hours. Moreover, to those who wish to become nurses or nurses aides, a free CNA training is provided by the state. Nursing certifications are free as well in this country and also in other European countries, whether the clinical experience is obtained from public or private hospitals.

Nursing aides in France are also offered with other options so as to gain professional development and promotion at the hospital. The widely-received training is provided to students who also aim to receive training to become specialty nurse. An additional 2-year experience on top of the CNA training is required before the promotion could take place and this will turn a nursing aide to a specialty nurse. Aside from CNA training, a nurse could also become a nurse manager or the director of a nursing post.

Whereas, in the United States, public nursing aides outnumber the privately employed aides and nurses. This therefore makes nursing job a civil service post. CNA’s in France are only required to work 35 hours per as stated by the French Labor Law. The average salary of a CNA is between $1,300 and $1,600 net of taxes.

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