After CNA Training – The Benefits of Working With the Elderly

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You’re looking for the right career path after CNA training and you’ve been steering clear of nursing homes and elder care facilities. That’s not what you really wanted to do. You’ve been thinking that maybe an emergency room atmosphere would be more exciting. Well, you may want to give that nursing home facility or even home health aide assignment working with the elderly a second look. Why? There’s a lot to be learned from working with the elderly. From life, to death and everything in between, here’s a list of the reasons you should work with the elderly at least once after CNA training.

After CNA Training – Reasons to Work with the Elderly:

  • Working with the elderly after CNA training will teach you patience. You’ll have to slow down. The world of the aged is a little slower, a little simple, and in a lot of ways it’s a lot better. Elderly patients who live in the now and are mentally healthy are extremely wonderful to talk to. They’re not only wise with years of life experiences behind them, but they’re interesting as well. Once when I was a CNA training graduate working with the elderly, I made friends with a Vietnam War veteran. It was a topic I didn’t know very much about, but the stories he would tell me, made history come alive. he loved to tell the stories and I loved to listen. If you pay attention, you can learn a lot.
  • Working with aged patients after CNA training will bring a little humor to your day – It really is fun working with elderly patients. They’ve often reached a point where they’ve decided not to stress out or be embarrassed about their situations or health issues. I had one elderly gentleman patient in particular. He had posters of Farah Fawcett all over his room and he really was a character. I remember when we took him to a baseball game. He had the time of his life!
  • Working  with elderly patients after CNA training will help you deal with end of life – For a lot of people, the end of life is a huge taboo and something not to be talked about. Unfortunately, if it’s not talked about, it’s not faced. Amazingly, you’ll find that most patients toward the end of their lives have already made peace with it and are absolutely fine. They can and do talk about it. This gives their lives a sense of closure. You will help with that process as a CNA training graduate by learning to deal with end of life situations as well.

Working with elderly patients is certainly a rewarding situation in a variety of ways. Don’t prejudge what it will be like working in a nursing home or adult care facility. When working with the elderly, remember, generally you will reap just as many rewards as they will.

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