After CNA Training; Top 4 States With A Need For CNAs

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Because of the varying population levels and medical needs in each state, there are some with a higher call for CNAs than others. Living in a state with a need for CNAs could provide the kind of job security that a lot of people are looking for at this time. It is important to be an asset, not a surplus.

Top 4 Beneficial States For Those With CNA Training

There are four states who annually have a higher number of openings for those with CNA training than any other state.

California: At the top of our list we have California. Annually there are 3,900 job openings for CNAs in California. With such a great need for reliable CNAs, California may be a good place to take your career after CNA training. Many states struggle with the issue of having too many CNA. In this situation, the stress of possibly losing your job due to a lack of need for those who have CNA training will likely be a daily problem. Along with the stress of your daily work load as a CNA, this may not be a good work situation.

Florida: Next on our list is Florida. This particular state is known for its high population of individuals who are retired. Due to the excess retirement homes along with the rest of its population Florida has been ranked as number two on the list of states with many openings for CNAs. At 3,580 annual open post CNA training positions, Florida would also be a smart place to consider taking your CNA career.

New York: Not only does New York have a high need for CNAs, but this state is also one of the top three highest paying states for those who have completed CNA training. With 2,330 annual opening for CNAs and a pay rate of 13.63 per hour New York starts to sound like the smartest place for a CNA to start their career.

Ohio: At 1,990 annual CNA positions open, Ohio is ranked at number four, for the highest need. After Ohio the numbers begin to decrease significantly. It would be wise for someone who is working to build a career as a CNA to do so in a place where their position will be more secure. In doing so, you will eliminate the need to relocate time and time again in search of work.

With the need for individuals who have completed CNA training on the rise, it is important to keep in mind that more and more people will try to get their certification. In order to eliminate the threat of becoming excess at a business or a company try to choose a state where the demand for CNAs is higher. This will help to secure your position as well as possibly providing you with a higher pay rate.

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