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cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

Just because you have a career does not mean that you cannot travel. In fact a CNA qualification may allow you to find work internationally in similar roles, as a volunteer or in paid positions with a valid Visa. Whilst a Registered Nurse is a globally recognised qualification, CNA training and employment doesn’t have a recognised training and skills benchmark in many countries. Often there is still Home Health Aide positions which you may be able to perform instead.

Planning to Go Abroad After CNA Training?

What do I need to consider?
There is a great deal of research that you need to undertake before planning your itinerary and booking your tickets. Here are some questions you need to answer before you start:

  •  Does my intended destination have an equivalent position?
  •  Will I need to sit a competency exam before I can work there?
  • Will working as a CNA at my intended destination provide me with a reasonable temporary income while I am there?
  • What rate of tax will the country I am working in withhold?
  • What are the specific visa requirements for your intended destination?
  • Is there much work available?

Volunteering as a Nursing Aide
There are many voluntary aide programs that provide medical assistance to people in developing countries or communities in crisis. These programs will allow you to not only add a bit of extra, intensive experience for your resume but to have a hugely rewarding and unforgettable experience. Volunteering as a medical aide may require additional training but many programs provide you with accommodation and food in return for your services to the wider community. It is a spiritually enriching and life affirming way to see the world.

Working as a CNA in Australia
Australia is one of the few countries that have chosen to meet their own escalating health care needs by instituting a similar CNA training program in their tertiary education system and medical facilities. The key industry that is crying out for Certified Nursing Assistants is the aged care industry. Australia has a rapidly aging population and the government is desperately incentivizing CNA training and employment to bridge the gap in services. Australia also has a government funded health care service which makes health care readily accessible to the greater community, thus increasing its demand for CNAs per capita.

Unfortunately however, on a working Visa the Australian government will withhold 50% of your wages, this is released once you arrive back home minus any tax you owe, but this still reduces your income whilst in Australia significantly.

Working as a HCA in Canada and the United Kingdom
Working as a Health Care Assistant in the U.K. and Canada is the closest match to CNA employment. Whilst CNA training is different to HCA training, many of the areas covered overlap. However, without being qualified as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practising nurse you may have difficulty obtaining a long term working Visa on a CNA training qualification alone. Temporary Visas however may be available.

REMEMBER: Do you research! This article is intended as a guide and was accurate when written, but governmental policies on working visas are likely change on regular basis.

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