After CNA Training: Turning Fear Into Success

cna trainingCNA Training

Graduating from CNA training is quite an accomplishment, and one that many individuals aren’t privileged enough to have. If you’ve just finished CNA training, you should feel happy, accomplished, successful, and- fearful?

The truth is, while exiting CNA training can be exciting, it can also be a very scary time. You’re entering a new world, one you’ve never taken part in before. While you’ve learned many different things, you’re still faced with continual new challenges and experiences. During this time, there may be many thoughts that pop into your head, like:

What if I mess up? What If I can’t handle this job? What if I’m not ready to be responsible for another human’s life?

These are normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them or sabotage your own celebrations and career because of them. If these thoughts are taking over your mind after CNA training, there are some simple steps you can take to transition from CNA training to career and from fear to success.

After CNA Training: The Transition

  • Be Aware- Don’t run from those fears and false perceptions wreaking havoc in your mind. Embrace them and be aware that they exist. Understand that just because you know you are afraid doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. You are a new graduate, and you aren’t expected to be perfect after CNA training.
  • Reflect- Once you are aware of the feelings, thoughts, and perceptions filling your head, take a moment and really ask yourself whether they are based in reality. Is it scary simply because it’s new, or did you fake your way through CNA training? Were you simply not paying attention when you were being taught how to take a blood pressure, or are you worried that you’ll hear the heartbeat incorrectly and put your patient at risk? Introspection is key to understanding whether your fears are real or simply in your head.
  • Breathe- Once you realize exactly what is going on, take a moment and just breathe. Let out all that stress, even if it’s just for a moment and concentrate on improving your positive energy.
  • Take Action- Are your fears founded in truth? Did you fail to pay attention during CNA training or did you simply get through by the skin of your teeth? If so, now is the time to do something about it. Take CNA training again, or find a few free classes at your local college before you even think about finding a job. If you did well during your CNA classes and your anxiety and fear is unfounded, take a deep breath and relax. Everyone is a little scared before they begin a new career. Live each moment and enjoy every successful second of the day.

Face Your Fears After CNA Training

Once you’ve graduate from CNA training, don’t let fear stop you from succeeding in your new career. Use these tips to gain the right perspective on your abilities and skills after CNA training.

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