After CNA Training – Using Constructive Criticism to Advance Your Career

cna trainingCareer Advice for the CNA Training Graduate

Once you’ve successfully completed your CNA training and have embarked on your new career, you may be tempted to fall into some of the same patterns I’ve seen other CNA training graduates fall into. There’s nothing wrong with finding your groove and becoming comfortable with your new position, but as a former CNA training graduate myself, I’ve seen many nursing assistants fall into one destructive pattern that actually cripples them without them even realizing it. The pattern I’m talking about is the inability to receive constructive criticism.

A CNA Training Graduate’s Worst Enemy

Now, if I weren’t a fellow CNA training student and graduate myself, you may take my advice and throw it out the nearest window, but as a peer, I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen this happen time and time again. Here’s the pattern:

A CNA training graduate secures a position at a local hospital or maybe a nursing home. In an effort to become an excellent employee, the CNA training graduate learns everything possible about their shift, their patients, their job requirements and more. After about six months have passed, what happens? The same CNA who was once eager to learn the ropes and open to direction and instruction becomes closed to new ideas, criticism or even questioning…He or she has arrived.

Now you may think this scenario is comical, but I’ve seen it happen time and again. CNA training graduates who have been on the job for any length of time often become possessive of their positions and closed to criticism. Allowing yourself to fall into these patterns is a recipe that will either lead to being fired or prevent you from being promoted. So, what can you do to guard against this destructive way of thinking?

Check yourself daily. Criticism isn’t a dirty word, even if it’s not brought to you in a kind manner. Always try to find the grain of truth in criticism and allow it to help you recognize areas where you could improve. Here are some tips to help you gain a new perspective.

A New Perspective for CNA Training Graduates

Remember, you can learn from anyone. Don’t close yourself off from new or recent CNA training graduates. Just because they don’t have much time in on the job doesn’t mean they don’t have ideas that can be useful.

Squash your pride. That’s the thing that stands in our path of success most of the time. If someone offers criticism, look at it as an opportunity to grow instead of a reason to harbor resentment. Part of maturity (which is necessary for promotions) lies in having the ability to handle all different types of people, opinions, and attitudes, while remaining calm and diplomatic yourself. If you are tossed around with every attitude, you’ll isolate yourself and never experience growth.

Show New CNA Training Graduates the Ropes

Another excellent way to expose yourself to growth is by leading the way for new employees and showing others the ropes. They can learn from you and you can learn from them. Keep lines of communication open and never think of yourself as better than another person just because you may have more experience.

Take this advice to heart and you’ll soon find new opportunities to further your career as a CNA training graduate.

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