After CNA Training: When You’re in Trouble

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It’s always scary when you make a mistake after CNA training, but when that mistake is big enough to threaten your CNA license, it’s terrifying. You may be frightened, embarrassed, angry, and even intimidated by the situation, especially if the complaint that has been filed isn’t factual or was out of your hands.

So what do you do?

Keeping Your Cool After CNA Training

  • Hire an Attorney- When you’re accused of doing something wrong after CNA training and your license is at stake, don’t sign anything or admit to any fault. Instead, hire an attorney. He or she will know how best to approach the situation and will be able to help you if the situation is taken to court. Make sure the lawyer you choose has experience in helping CNAs and is licensed to do so in your state.
  • Be Professional- As a CNA, you are a professional. This means that, even under the direst of circumstances, you have to act like one. You’re held to a higher standard, just like nurses and doctors. This means that when you’re questioned about certain issues or are calling the State Board of Nursing for information after CNA training, you should always be calm and respectful.
  • Tell the Truth- The truth comes out eventually, so don’t try to hide it. If you made a mistake, admit to it, and let the questioner know how that mistake came to be. Your career after CNA training demands that you are ethical and honest. If you aren’t, you’ll find yourself in much deeper waters than you were to begin with.
  • Don’t Discuss it- If you’re under investigation, don’t talk to anyone about it other than your attorney and those individuals he deems okay to speak to. Doing so can not only put the details of your case at risk after CNA training, but can make others believe you are a bad CNA. In many cases, CNAs who receive complaints aren’t really bad; they just get caught in a bad situation. By informing your peers of the problem, you put yourself at risk for being the outcast once the situation is resolved.
  • Don’t go Online- In addition to not talking to anyone, don’t post anything online about the threat to your CNA license. The State Board of Nursing can easily find this information and will monitor what you do.
  • Keep Notes- Always keep notes about what happened to get you into the situation you’re in and provide them to your lawyer. If paperwork regarding the situation is needed, don’t get it yourself. Copies of that data can be obtained by your lawyer legally if they are necessary to your case.

Stay out of Trouble After CNA Training

You can’t always control what happens in life, and if you make an error or a mistake after CNA training, your license could be at stake. Don’t lash out or admit fault, though. Hire an attorney that can help you navigate the problem and hopefully keep the certification you spend so much time and effort earning during CNA training.

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