After CNA Training: why you Can’t get Hired

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Are you getting a little tired of unemployment? If you are having a hard time finding a job after CNA training, don’t worry. You aren’t on your own. Getting hired as a CNA requires a subtle mix of interview chemistry, experience, the right qualifications, and, of course, a little dash of luck.

Get out of that job search rut by fixing these common mistakes you’re probably making after CNA training.

After CNA Training: Common Job Search Mistakes

  • Job Description- Are you applying for every job that mention the words “certified nursing assistant?” If so, that could be your problem. If you aren’t taking the time to thoroughly read the job ad and description, you could be missing out on important clues that could be keeping you from being hired after CNA training. For instance, if the job description calls for a CNA with a certification in phlebotomy- and you don’t have one- you can’t expect to be hired. Remember, recruiters are going to pick the best of the best whenever possible, so you’ve got to meet every single requirement they give. If you can’t meet them, do something about it.
  • Job Search- How exactly have you been hunting for your new position? If you’ve been browsing the newspaper want-ads since you graduated from CNA training, it’s time to rethink your strategy and enter into the 21st century. Get online and use social media and websites like Monster to post your resume. You never know what method might connect you to the job of your dreams.
  • The Right Fit- Sometimes its not really a matter of your qualifications or your experience when it comes to finding a job after CNA training. Other issues can get in the way and keep you from becoming hired. Recruiters may love you on paper, but they may find your personality one that would clash with the facility’s culture. This isn’t your fault, and there is a right fit out there somewhere, so don’t make the mistake of giving up or blaming yourself. Just remember, sometimes it really isn’t you; it’s them.
  • A Little Luck- You might think you’ve done everything you possibly can to find a position after CNA training, and that might be the case. Maybe you volunteered as a CNA for six months to gain hands-on experience. You showed up to the interview dressed in your best and fully prepared for every question they could throw at you. Your resume was filled with the right keywords and information. That still doesn’t mean you’re going to get the job. Someone with your exact same skills could have showed up to fill out an application the day before you did, or the medical facility you want to work at may not have the funds to hire you at the moment. While luck may not be on your side at the moment, don’t make the mistake of acting like a child or storming out. Be polite and always thank the facility for their time. You never know; you might be the next person they call when they need to fill a position.

Find Your Dream Job After CNA Training

Looking for your dream job after CNA training? Avoid these common mistakes and remember that not every turned-down application is your fault. With a little luck, you’ll find the position you need after CNA training.

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