After CNA Training: Why you Can’t Lose Weight

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If you’ve finished CNA training and have started working, there’s probably one thing you’ve noticed about your fellow CNAs and even the nurses you work with: a lot are overweight. The problem may not even be limited to those around you. You may have also gained a bit of weight since CNA training.


This isn’t a surprise. In fact, it was the subject of a recent study at the University of Maryland, where they discovered that 55% of nurses in the United States are obese. So, is it simply a job hazard or is there something that CNAs and nurses are doing that makes them pack on the pounds? Here are a few scientific reasons you may experience weight gain after CNA training and why it might be harder for you to get rid of it.

After CNA Training: Your Weight Problems


  • It’s a bug- Believe it or not, weight gain is a problem that can be caught as simply as the common cold can. According to scientist, a virus called AD-36 has been discovered that may cause an infection that can result in multiplying fat cells and overeating. In a recent study, those who were infected with the virus were the most overweight and most resistant to losing weight.


  • Pollution- Pollution isn’t just a something that fouls up the environment; it can also lead to weight gain after you complete CNA training. Environment problems like plastics and insecticides can sometimes mess with bacteria in the gut, messing with how calories are processed in the body. According to scientists, certain chemicals in the air can slow digestion, and others can affect energy regulation, cause overeating, and increase an individual’s fat storage.


  • Drugs- Are you taking medication for any problems after CNA training? Perhaps you hurt your back when going through your CNA training clinicals, or you caught the flu from one of your patients. Scientist now think that the prescription meds you’re taking every day could be causing your weight problems and making it harder for you to keep the weight off. Why? Some prescriptions can actually trigger weight gain by causing fluid retention, disrupting fat storage, or increasing hunger.


  • Temperature- In the old days, before indoor heating and cooling, our bodies were responsible for regulating our body temperature. When we stay inside in the air conditioning or near the furnace, after CNA training, your body doesn’t burn the amount of calories it used to, but instead retains them.


  • Lack of Sleep- Sure, sleeping less may allow you more time to exercise in the morning, but it may be counterproductive. According to one study from Columbia University, if you sleep less than six hours a night, you are 23% more likely to become obese. If you get less than four hours of sleep each night, you are 73% more likely to become overweight. While it’s not clear exactly what causes this problem, but doctors theorize that a lack of sleep throws off the regulation of hunger and fat hormones.


Weight Gain After CNA Training


Are you having trouble with weight gain or losing weight after CNA training? It may not be entirely your fault. There are several scientific reasons you could be experiencing this issue after CNA training.


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