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There is a great move in our society towards work from home careers and those looking for work after CNA training are no different. What started about a decade ago, as mothers were reassessing their place in the business world and wondering if they were neglecting their children and families, has become almost an American epidemic, and for a variety of reasons.

While some families choose for one parent to work from home in order to care for the family in a more stress-free environment, there are numerous reasons for the trend toward work from home medical careers after CNA training. We interviewed some of our favorite work from home families, and also studied the latest medical statistics and here’s what work from home CNAs were saying:

Reasons to Work From Home After CNA Training

  • “Less stress and more quality of care. I never learned in CNA training that I’d be in charge of up to 8 patients at a time in a medical facility. By working from home, I am caring for two elderly patients and have the ability to treat them like family.” — Home Health Aide from Wisconsin
  • “After CNA training I immediately started my career at our local hospital, but couldn’t keep up with the changing schedule. I was working night shifts and then having to stay up during the day with my toddler. I found myself paying for daycare just so I could sleep. This wasn’t improving my quality of life or helping with my family situation. Then I found out about home health aides from an ad in the newspaper. All they required for experience was my CNA training. I now work out of their home, not mine, but I’m able to take my daughter to work with me. I make enough money to support myself and my daughter, I love my client and their family treats me like a trusted friend. It’s the perfect situation.” — Home health aide from Michigan

As you can see, after CNA training, you have more options than you think. Although a hospital atmosphere or adult care center may be just the job you are looking for, it’s not for everyone. You may want to check into becoming a home health aide.

Becoming a Home Health Aide After CNA Training

After your CNA training, you’ll have a few options if you are interested in a work from home medical career. Depending on the state you reside in, you can open your own home to elderly patients needing part time or full time care, or you can work in the home of your client. Either position will allow you a greater amount of freedom and flexibility than you will find in a medical facility or hospital atmosphere.

Finding the perfect match may seem difficult at first, especially since home health aide positions are harder to come by. With a bit of patience and persistence, you’ll find the match that’s right for you.

If you don’t see an ad, why not try placing one of your own. A small advertisement in your local paper can list your skills, your availability, and the fact that you are taking on new clients. Present yourself as a business owner and you may receive the call that sets you on the path of your new career.

Whether you choose to work from home or in a facility after CNA training, keep checking our site for the latest information, help and tips on your new career.

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