After CNA Training: You Should be Wearing Antimicrobial Scrubs

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After graduating from CNA training and getting your first job, one of the fun things you will do is go scrub shopping. There may be some requirements in what you are allowed to wear, but you will still have options. There is more to consider than what color or pattern you want for your work attire though, one of them will be important to the health of you and your patients.

Staying Healthy After CNA Training                 

No matter what type of patient you are taking care of you need to be aware of taking germs and bacteria from one room to the next. You are taught the importance of washing your hands between every patient during CNA training, but there are other measures you need to take to ensure no one gets sick. Making sure that the equipment you used for each patient is new or has been cleaned with a soap that will kill the germs or has been sterilized is important. Everything that comes in contact with your patients has the potential to spread disease, including your scrubs. Spraying down with chemicals to kill the microbes could be very irritating to not only your skin but to your patient’s skin too. Keep in mind that in many cases, the people you are taking care of have a compromised immunity system.

Antimicrobial Scrubs

During CNA Training, your clinical work had you working either on another student or on one patient. You did not go from room to room seeing a number of different patients with a number of different diseases every day. Now that CNA training is behind you, you will be working with a number of patients every shift. Sometimes the situation will be such that you need to get into the room and to the patient as fast as possible, your hand washing may not be very thorough, if at all. Wearing antimicrobial scrubs is a smart way help keep disease from spreading. The material in the scrubs are infused with molecules that pierce the outer membrane of a microbe, killing it before it can move to someone else and make them ill.

Using Techniques You Learned in CNA Training with Antimicrobial Scrubs

While it is a simple thing to put on scrubs to go to work and stop a contagious disease from creating havoc on the floor, you still need to remember and use all the techniques you learned while in CNA training to make sure everyone stays healthy. Although the largest part of you will be covered with your scrubs, your hands and equipment come in more intimate contact with the patients. You need to be sure you are not carrying around anything that will infect someone else.

Your duties involve keeping a patient comfortable and helping other healthcare professionals care for them. In many cases, you are the person who has the most contact with the patients. Knowing how to keep them from being subjected to another disease is one of the most important aspects of your CNA training; use it wisely.

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