After Your CNA Training: Resources for Your New Career Purchases

cna trainingAfter you finished your CNA training, you will be ready to begin working. In order to look professional though, you are going to have to purchase some scrub uniforms and nursing shoes. This may be a confusing time for you, because you may not be certain of what kind of scrubs you should purchase and how many you should buy.

Deciding on Your Scrubs and Shoes after CNA Training

Before you even think about going out to buy a uniform or looking for cute shoes online, you should first see if your place of employment requires a specific style, color, or brand of clothing. Many employers like for all of the nursing staff to wear the same type of clothing. Your employer may also have an agreement with a local scrub store that provides you with a discount when you purchase from that specific store.

If color, brand, and style are not an issue for you, then you can choose any type of CNA uniform you want. Here are few qualities you should look for in a scrub uniform and a pair of nursing shoes:

  • Fabric- When purchasing a scrub uniform, the type of fabric it is made of can make all the difference. You want to find scrubs that are comfortable, durable, wash easily, and look good. Many certified nursing assistants find that cotton or cotton blend fabrics cover all of these areas and are easy to wear.
  • Non-slip and Closed Toe- Shoes should be non-slip and closed toe. The floors in a hospital or nursing home are not usually carpeted, so having a little bit of slip resistance is important. Closed toe shoes protect your feet from cuts and from taking too much damage should you accidentally roll a cart over them. While clogs are available to wear at many employment locations, socks should always be worn with them for added protection.
  • Pockets- While it may seem like a trivial thing, pockets in both your scrub tops and bottoms can be important. These allow you to carry paper, pens, and many other small objects that you may need during your work shift.
  • Shoe Quality- Even though shoes made of quality material may be more expensive to start off with, you must realize that investing in a good pair of shoes will save you time and money in the long run.

Ready for the Work Force After CNA Training: How Many Scrubs Do You Need?

The number of scrubs you decide to purchase after CNA training will most likely depend on the number of days you will be working every week and how many scrubs you can afford. If you work five days a week, for example, you will most likely want to purchase at least five pairs of scrubs so you will not have to do laundry mid-week. You may also want to purchase an extra pair of scrubs to keep in your locker or in your car while you are working, just in case the scrubs you are wearing get soiled or torn.

Remember when you purchase your scrubs that you will be able to write them off on your taxes, so you will have to keep the receipts for every pair of shoes and scrubs you wear.

When you are ready to purchase your new scrubs and shoes after CNA training, consider visiting some popular online scrub stores. Stores like and offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and scrub materials. These sites also offer a wonderful variety of nursing shoes for you to choose from. If you are short on cash and want to find some discount scrubs or shoes, you may be interested in visiting or

We hope this information will be helpful as you prepare for your new career after your CNA training is complete.

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