After Your CNA Training: The Best Places to Work for a Rewarding Salary

cna trainingCompleting the training necessary to become a certified nursing assistance (CNA) takes between six weeks and three months.  However, a student has taken their certification exam and are eligible to apply for CNA positions they soon realize the hard part is choosing the best job opportunity.  CNA training opens up many career options, but it is important for a new CNA to pick the best employer.  Researching possible employers helps a CNA pick the most financially rewarding job available.

Best Careers After CNA Training: Hospitals

Large hospitals usually pay people who have recently completed CNA training the highest hourly wage.  A new CNA with no previous medical experience should expect to start earning between 9.00 to 10.00 dollars per hour at hospitals with wages increasing to as much as 16.00 per hours as the CNA gains experience.  CNAs working at hospitals assist the nursing staff with patient care.  The most common tasks assigned to CNAs working in hospitals are bathing patients, helping patients use the restroom or go to have tests completed, and check a patient’s vital signs.

Best Careers After CNA Training: Hospice

Hospice care is offered to patients with illnesses that are no longer responding to medicine and other available treatment options.  These patients and their families understand that traditional medical care will no longer help them and that their condition is terminal.  Hospices staff medical professionals who are able to continue providing pain management medical care that will make the patient comfortable during their stay.  People with CNA training specializing in pain management are needed in hospices to help medical staff manage daily patient care tasks.  In addition to taking vital signs a CNA working in a hospice may be asked to spend time with patients feeding, bathing, and simply providing them with companionship.  Hospices typically pay new CNAs between 8.00 and 9.00 dollars per hour with the hourly wage increasing to 14.00 per hour over the years.

Best Careers After CNA Training: Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the most common employers of new CNAs.  After completing CNA training and being offered employment by a nursing home or assisted living facility is required to help residents with daily care needs.   These needs include taking patients to on-site hair salons, bringing meals to a patients room, and taking a patient to nearby hospitals for medical treatments.  Trained CNAs also help nurses distribute medication and check residents nightly to offer help using the bathroom or bring medicine as needed.

The pay offered to a CNA working in a nursing home or assisted living facility often depends on the level of care provided to the residents, and the size of the company that owns the facility.  CNAs working for smaller nursing homes may make 7.00 dollars per hour, while a CNA working for a large assisted living facility might earn 8.00 dollars per hour.  Nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have residents requiring more care may offer CNAs an additional 1.00 dollar per hour.

Best Careers After CNA Training: In Home Care

Companies providing in home care to patients who do not wish to live in a nursing home or hospital have grown over the years.  Many of these companies employee CNAs who are able to provide daily medical care and emergency assistance as needed.  CNAs working for home care companies earn 7.00 to 8.00 dollars per hour initially, and receive small raises as they gain experience.  While in home care is often the lowest paying job opportunity available for a new CNA, many who have only recently completed CNA training are more comfortable working in a casual environment with only one patient to take care of.



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