American Red Cross and CNA Training

cna trainingThere are numerous CNA training options out there and sometimes it can be difficult to sort through the information and decide which one would be most beneficial to your new career path. After speaking to a group of certified nursing assistants who had reached their career goals in a variety of ways, we thought it would be beneficial to outline the pros and possible cons of becoming a CNA through Red Cross CNA training.

Red Cross Free CNA Training?

Through the years, and especially online, there has accumulated an overflow of false information. Just Google the phrase “free CNA training” and you’ll see what we mean. There are literally hundreds of articles that talk about free CNA training through the American Red Cross, although we have actually found very few Red Cross locations that actually did offer free CNA training.

If you are interested in becoming a successful Certified Nursing Assistant, and are interested in using the Red Cross for your CNA training program, you will most likely have to pay for the training. So, if this is true, what would make Red Cross CNA training any better or different than CNA training received through a community college, adult education center, hospital or other medical or training facility? Here’s the breakdown.

Benefits of the American Red Cross CNA Training Programs

  • Economic benefits – CNA training classes offered by the Red Cross are generally more cost effective than those offered through a nursing education center or your local college.
  • Level of confidence – Enrolling and completing CNA training through the American Red Cross will definitely boost your confidence levels, especially when you’re out looking for a job. The American Red Cross is an established and highly respected organization and will look good on your resume as well.
  • Getting a high paid salary – Just think about it from a potential employer’s standpoint. Most companies offer you salary on the basis of your working skills and experience. This can make finding your first job a daunting task. What if you took your CNA training online, at an obscure company that no one in your area has heard of? This can make matters even worse. On the other hand, any individual who has undergone Red Cross CNA training will automatically have the extra benefit of having this established organization on his or her resume. Since The Red Cross is a nationally recognized institution, you may be able to receive a higher level of pay as well.

Possible Cons or Setbacks of American Red Cross CNA Training

Although there are many perks to Red Cross CNA training, it’s always smart to weigh out the entire situation, the pros and the cons. With Red Cross CNA training, these may prove to be a stumbling block:

  • Grants are not available – Although the cost of CNA training provided through a university will cost more, grants are available which may pay for 100% of your CNA training and even give you extra financial aid that can go toward rent, transportation, or other related expenses.
  • The classes may not be convenient – Convenience is always a big factor. CNA training classes through the Red Cross may only be offered once per year and at times when it may not be feasible for you to attend.

Regardless of where you take your CNA training classes, be sure to look at the options of each. Red Cross CNA training classes may be for you, but if they are not, there should be numerous other options in your area.

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