An Overview of Working in a Group Home After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you complete your CNA training program, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of different settings. If you like working the elderly, you may decide to work in a nursing home. If you enjoy working with a variety of patients, you may choose to find employment at a hospital or doctor’s office.


These three facilities are generally the first choice for CNAs; however, they don’t have to be the only ones. After CNA training, there are more opportunities than just nursing homes and hospitals. You may also enjoy working in a group home.


Group homes are comprised of certain types of patients. Some group homes are occupied by abused children, others by disabled adults, while others by teens with mental health issues. Working in a group home can be exciting and rewarding, and you can make a real difference in your patients’ lives.


Working in a Group Home After CNA Training


Some of the duties you will be responsible for after CNA training when you work in a group home will differ from the duties required by a nursing home or hospital.


  • Transportation- If you are working in a group home with adults, they will most likely be required to work to encourage their independence, as long as they are able to. After CNA training, it will be your responsibility to drive them from place to place. You may also be required to go grocery shopping for the home, take residents to doctor’s appointments, and take your residents out for a night on the town. While you are transporting them, you will be responsible for their safety and care.


  • Helping, Not Doing- Unlike a nursing home, where most everything is done for residents, residents in a group home are encouraged to maintain their independence. For this reason, you will spend much of your time helping them accomplish tasks, instead of doing them yourself. Residents may help you cook supper, pack lunches for work or school, do dishes, and wash laundry after CNA training. You may also need to assist with personal tasks, like bathing, grooming, and dressing.


  • Therapy Assistance- Many residents in your group home may have certain therapies they must attend each week. They may need speech therapy, physical therapy, or mental therapy. Often, they will have work they have to do in the home from these therapies, and you will need to encourage them to perform these tasks and help them accomplish them. The process may be as simple as listening or holding up cue cards for them to read or as technical as using your gait belt, like you were taught to do in CNA training, to help a resident walk a certain distance each day.


After CNA Training: Working in a Group Home is a Good Type of Different


While working in a group home after CNA training may be different than working in a hospital or nursing home, it can be great type of different. Consider stepping outside the ‘norm’ and see what a difference you can make in a group home after CNA training!

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