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Answering Difficult Interview Questions After CNA Training | CNA Training Class

Answering Difficult Interview Questions After CNA Training

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Whether you are just finishing CNA training or you graduated years ago, you understand the importance of a great interview. That short spoken questionnaire can mean the difference between standing in a hospital helping patients or standing in the unemployment line. Despite how important it is, however, it is surprising how many of those who complete CNA training are just not ready to answer the most basic questions.


This is even truer for some common, and rather lame, questions that are popular among interviewers. After CNA training, you need to understand that while a question may seem ‘off’ or just plain dumb, there is a reason it is asked and answering it correctly is essential.


Answering Questionable Questions After CNA Training


  • Can You Tell Me About Yourself? This question may seem a little dumb at first. After all, it’s very general and there is no possible way you can answer it fully without spending hours talking about your personality and life. However, this question is essential in an interview after CNA training because it allow your interviewer to test the way you interact with others. They put you on the spot, and your interviewer is able to see what you think is important enough about your life to discuss and how you interact socially.


  • Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? When an interviewer asks you this after CNA training, they aren’t expecting you to use your psychic powers and see into the future; they aren’t even expecting you to pledge your undying loyalty to their organization. In reality, they are simply wondering where you want your career to go. Do you want to still be a CNA? Are you interested in taking more CNA training so you can earn a higher salary? Are you thinking about nursing school? Your interviewer will consider your plans and how they can coincide with the facility.


  • Why Do You Want to Leave the CNA Position You Currently Have? While the smart-aleck teenager in us all wants to roll our eyes and mutter “well, duh,” this interview question isn’t as dumb as you might think. Your reasons for leaving your current position after CNA training can tell the interviewer just what type of employee you are and what you need to be satisfied in their facility. For instance, if you complain about your old boss and how much you didn’t get along, your interview may peg you as a problem employee. If, however, you state that you wanted to progress in your career, and you didn’t feel as if the other facility was the right place to that, they may actually work toward keeping you happy by making sure you are always facing new and exciting challenges after CNA training.


Answering Interview Questions After CNA Training


While you may not understand why certain interview questions are asked after CNA training, that does not mean they are any less important. Answer every question as honestly as you can so you can ensure you obtain the position you want when you finish CNA training.

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