Answering Interview Questions After CNA Training

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Your goal of completing CNA Training is over, and all that’s left do now is find that dream job. While it may sound easy, it isn’t as simple as you might expect. Many CNAs are qualified to work in almost any medical setting, but they get stumped and lose out when they go in for their interviews.

After CNA training, the majority of standard interview questions won’t be too hard for you to answer. However, you need to answer them correctly if you hope to begin working anytime soon. Here are a few of the most common questions and how you should answer them after CNA training.

Standard Interview Questions After CNA Training

  • Tell me About Yourself It’s difficult for some people to talk about themselves, but in an interview, it’s important. You don’t need to give the interviewer every detail of your life, but they will want to know what makes you tick and why you want the job. Talk about the areas of your life that can tie into your training and your ability to perform. You may have excellent people skills, or you may have spent some of your teen years volunteering at your local hospital. These facts are essential and help to emphasize how well you will be able to accomplish the tasks ahead of you after CNA training.
  • How Would you Deal With a Difficult Co-worker? Conflicts are going to occur, especially when you work day-in and day-out with individuals. This question doesn’t necessarily have a right answer, but each answer you give will tell the interview how you deal with stress and conflict on a daily basis. This information is important, as difficult situations occur often in the workplace and your patients can suffer if you don’t address it correctly. After CNA training, be prepared to recall events that can help give the interview a picture of how you have dealt with conflict in the past, then discuss what you would change now that you have the opportunity to look back on those times.
  • What is Your Greatest Strength? You might be uncomfortable bragging about your abilities after CNA training, but this question gauges your self-worth and your ability to talk about your particular skills. Be honest at all times. Are you a great organizer? Do you consistently arrive 15 minutes early? Choose your strengths wisely and don’t be afraid to speak up.
  • What is Your Greatest Weakness? Who wants to admit that they have faults? No takers? Unfortunately, after CNA training, you’ll be asked this question a lot, so it’s important to be prepared for it. Remember, we’re all human, and knowing what mistakes we make can help us learn to improve on those mistakes. Identify your biggest weakness, and then let the interviewer know what steps you are taking to overcome it.

After CNA Training: Answering Interview Questions

Are you ready for your first interview after CNA training? Whether you only have to sit through one or 10, knowing how to answer the most common questions is essential. Use these tips to find the job of your dreams after CNA training.

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