Moving Out of State? Applying For Reciprocity After CNA Training

cna trainingWill CNA Training Transfer to Another State?

So, you finished your CNA training and found the perfect employment at a hospital or nursing home close to where you live. Things have been going great. You love your job, your patients, and the individuals you work with. However, you’ve been considering relocating to another state and now you aren’t sure what type of hassle this will involve with your CNA training and your current credentials. Will you need to repeat your CNA training or will you be able to work with the certification you have now.

How To Work In Another State After CNA Training

Luckily, it is easy to transfer your certification to another state using a process known as reciprocity. When you decide to move to another state after CNA training, the first step you should take to apply for reciprocity is contacting your state’s nursing aide registry. Ask them for an application entitled “Application for Enrolment by Reciprocity.”

This application is an essential part of you being able to transfer your CNA certification or licensure to another state, so you should take the time to ask the representative you speak to whether you should send the application back to your state’s registry office or send it directly to the registry in the state you will be moving to.

After you fill out the application, contact the nursing registry in the state you will be moving to. If you reach an automated voice system, be ready to listen and take notes. Even though the system is automated, it can still provide you with the information you need.

Transferring Your CNA Training – What Will You Need To Send?

There may be several pieces of information your new state’s registry will need to complete your application process and approve you. To speed this process up a little bit, you may want to create a package of this information before you even begin the reciprocity process. Here is some information you will need to include.

  • A copy of your personal social security card
  • A copy of your state ID or driver’s license
  • A copy of your CNA certification or license, which will show you have complete the appropriate amount of hours of CNA training and demonstrate your ability to perform CNA duties
  • A copy of a pay check or pay stub showing you have worked as a CNA within the last two years
  • A copy of any additional degrees or certificates you have earned
  • A letter listing your new physical address, your new place of employment, and your new mailing address if this address is different from your new physical address

Keep in mind, if you want to avoid repeating your CNA training, you’ll have to actively pursue and complete the reciprocity process. Simply filing for reciprocity does not guarantee you will be accepted. The nursing registry will most likely send you a temporary certification while your application is being reviewed. Also, even with reciprocity, your new employer may require you to repeat your CNA training and pass the certification test after CNA training in your new state.

If you’ve completed your CNA training and are considering moving to a new state, check into reciprocity. You may be able to avoid additional or repeating your CNA training and be able to begin your employment in your new state right away.

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