Are CNA Training Video Courses Legitimate?

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CNA training options may look great when you’re searching online for the best options. Unfortunately, many of them are scams designed to take your money without offering any legitimate or useable CNA training whatsoever. The latest of these is a series of CNA video training options that have become quite popular online. Although some of the video courses can be beneficial for going over procedures or brushing up on the things you should know before taking your certification exam, there aren’t any video classes for CNA training that will take you from course to certified nursing assistant. Why? First of all, video training classes aren’t enough to truly teach you the procedures and without an instructor to ask questions, how will you know if you are performing the procedures correctly?

CNA training is just as much about procedures as it is about medical knowledge. For instance, without practicing vital signs, you may provide the wrong information on your patient reports, which could ultimately lead to problems for the patient as well as for you. Moving a patient is the same. Without practice and tips from the instructor, you’re headed for trouble. So, what good are the video CNA training classes offered online? Is there any reason to purchase them? Let’s take a look.

CNA Training — Video Courses, a Good Idea?

CNA training videos for the most part are not necessary. If you do feel that you need to review some of the procedures, your CNA training materials should be all you need. Your instructor is also available to answer questions about procedures. There are a few CNA training videos offered online for free. Some of these can be quite helpful. As far as the paid courses, some of them can really take you for a ride.

One in particular that we found online had a price tag of $695 and promised to contain all the inservice training you would need for your CNA training course. What it didn’t tell you though, is the fact that you’d learn all of this in your CNA training class and the videos are not all that you need to take your exam. Unfortunately, the advertisement presents the videos in a way that is intended to lure buyers into purchasing the videos, mistakenly thinking they are all you’ll need before taking your exam.

Beware of these and other false offers you’ll find online. Most have clever wording and once you’ve purchased them, there’s not much you can do to get your money back later on. If you are thinking about buying a class online that seems to be legitimate, contact your state board of nursing first. Scams online are steadily increasing and are only expected to increase. Your best bet is to take the required CNA training available in your state and steer clear of online classes, especially those that tell you they are all inclusive and all you’ll need.

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