At Home Jobs for CNAs After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When most individuals think about CNA training, they think about working in a nursing home, hospital, or medical facility. However, after a few years of working in these ‘normal’ locations, many CNAs begin to wonder if there isn’t something more. Many are moms and dads, wanting to spend more time at home and less time pulling double shifts. Other CNAs find that the job’s physical requirements are too much for them to handle after CNA training, but they don’t want to give up their certification or work in another field.


Like most occupations these days, your employment after CNA training isn’t limited to the usual places. If you want to hang up those white orthopedic shoes you’ve been wearing for the past few years, there are many jobs you can perform at home while still working as a CNA.

Working From Home After CNA Training


  • Child Care- What do you look for in a child care provider for your own children? If you are like most parents, your first consideration is the training the provider has, and that’s where your CNA training comes in handy. While most of the time, the training you received will be much too advanced for the average day as a child care provider in your home, there is always a chance the lifesaving techniques you learned in CNA training could save the life of a small child. Even if you don’t have the energy to play and keep children occupied in your home, you could still act a supervisor to younger and more energetic staff after CNA training.


  • Life Coach- During CNA training, you were taught what an impact physical activity and nutritional health could make in your patients’ lives. You have also experienced the achievement of goals in your own life; after all, your goal was to secure a job in the medical field that could provide for your family and allow you to care for others and you did it through CNA training. If you love working with people and encouraging them to reach for the stars, then a life coaching job may be the entrepreneurial project for you. All you need is an email address, cell phone number, Skype account, and website to get started.


  • Health Writer/Blogger- If you want to work from home after CNA training and you love to write, consider becoming a health writer or blogger. You can create your own blog, or you could offer your services to other medical professionals who wish to share health news and information with the world. With your certification from CNA training under your belt, as well as some time working as a CNA, you can turn this fun passion into a lucrative business if you want to.


You Can Work From Home After CNA Training


Want to get away from the ‘normal’ jobs of a CNA? You don’t have to work in a medical facility to use your certification after CNA training. If you want to, you can easily work from home and still help others the way you intended to when you first began CNA training.

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