Avoid Those Extra Pounds During the Holidays After CNA Training

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It’s Thanksgiving, and for most CNAs after CNA training, this means visiting with family, eating too much turkey, and wondering if you are ever going to fit into your favorite scrubs again. The holiday season can be tough on CNAs, not only because our hectic schedules make it difficult to plan family get-togethers, but we tend to eat more, making the threat of extra pounds very real.




And it all starts on Thanksgiving. Of course, it doesn’t end there. We also have to somehow make it through Christmas dinner and extra sweets, too much alcohol on New Years, and those boxes of chocolaty goodness on Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving is just the beginning of our struggle after CNA training to stay in shape, fit, and healthy. Believe it or not, though, there are a few steps you can take to make this process easier without swearing off the holiday season altogether.

Staying Fit After CNA Training


  • Watch Your Portions- Want to be able to get into your scrubs by New Year? Make sure you understand exactly how much you are eating during the holiday season. Even when everyone else is piling it on, make sure you consider portion size. It may help if you carry smart and healthy snacks with you after CNA training that you can eat at work to keep hunger at bay. This will help you avoid becoming so hungry you feel the need to eat more.


  • Work Out- Standing around usually isn’t a problem after CNA training- except when you are charting. If you find yourself in one place for more than a couple of minutes, consider doing a small workout while you work, like toe rises. To do this, simply rise up on your toes and then lower yourself back down onto your feet, squeezing your butt muscles, or glutes, as you do.


  • Stay Active- After CNA training, you might feel as if you spend three-fourths of your live running from one place to another; this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to avoid gaining those extra pounds, though. If you want to stay fit, stay active. Dance around the house while you are cleaning, try Zumba, or invite a friend to attend an aerobics class with you.


  • Boost Your Metabolism- The more active you stay, the higher your metabolism will be, and that means you can shed more pounds! If you want to burn calories during the holidays after CNA training, consider taking small steps to keep your metabolism in motion, like washing your car by hand, getting up to change the channel on the television, stretching during commercial breaks or whenever you have a few minutes of free time, or flexing your muscles while you are sitting down. Even the smallest of baby steps can help.


Avoid Those Extra Pounds After CNA Training


Everyone loves the holidays, and everyone wants to avoid those extra pounds that often come with them. After CNA training, do everything you can to stay fit and healthy. These tips will guarantee you are able to not only wear your favorite scrubs all through winter, but also ensure you are able to stay healthy enough to perform your job after CNA training.

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