Avoiding Common Mistakes When Renewing Your CNA Training Certification

cna trainingCNA Training Certification Renewal

If you’re currently employed as a CNA, you are most likely aware that your CNA certification, which is obtained after proper CNA training, expires after 24 months. In order to hold a license in the first place, you will be required to register with your state’s Nursing Aid Registry, pass a background check, and pass your CNA training written and skills exam.

If you wish to keep working as a CNA, you must make sure to renew it. For many, this is a simple process. However, making mistakes in this renewal process is common.

Avoiding  CNA Training Certification Renewal Mistakes

If you want your CNA training certification renewal process to be smooth sailing, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  • Misplacing Your Letter- In most states, a post card or letter is sent to a CNA about 60 days before their license is due to expire. 60 days is a long time though, and it can be easy to misplace the card or letter reminding you to renew your license. While you may consider that stack of bills you need to pay as a “safe” place to store this important letter, try keeping it in a more obvious place instead. One suggested place would be directly on your refrigerator door so you can see it each time you go grab something to eat or drink.
  • Working Errors- So, you finished your CNA training years ago and have been diligent about your renewals. A few years ago, though, you were offered a higher paying job outside of the CNA field. As your renewal time approaches, you may be shocked to learn you can not renew your license without retaking your CNA state exam. Why did this happen? Well, in order to renew your license, you must work as a CNA within the 24 month period between renewals. If you fail to do so, another CNA training state exam will be required. If you want to hold onto your CNA certification, make sure you are employed as a CNA at least a few days each year. Even a couple of days of employment as a float at your local hospital or nursing home will help you avoid having to retake the CNA training test again.
  • Forgetting- Even if you do not receive written notification in the mail, it is still your responsibility to renew your CNA training certification license on time. Many CNAs forget if they are not reminded. Keep track of your 24 month period, and if you do not receive notification of your license expiring, contact your Nursing Aid Registry. Many states have websites set up so you can check the status of your license. For this website information, you can visit the Division of Health Service Regulation at http://www.ncdhhs.gov/dhsr/hcpr/links.html. Some states even have numbers you can call to verify your renewal times. These helpful tools will allow you to use either your name to retrieve information as well, so don’t worry if you don’t know your license number.

If you fail to renew your license for a period of five years, you will have to repeat your CNA training. Avoid these common mistakes, though, and you can easily continue your employment.

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