Banish Winter Blues After CNA Training

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It’s the end of February, but for some, winter is far from over. While your main goal after CNA training is to care for others, what can you do this winter to make sure you’re taken care of as well? Here are just a few tips that will be easy to follow- even with your hectic schedule after CNA training.

Keep Away Those Winter Blues After CNA Training

  • Moisturizers- Wearing latex and powdered gloves, all while washing your hands constantly can spell disaster for your skin. Soon you might notice your skin becoming raw and chapped, especially during winter when the air isn’t nearly humid enough. Even if you’re a guy, keeping your hands soft and moist during winter is essential, and can easily be done with the right moisturizer. When you are at work after CNA training, use a water-based moisturizer; however, when you get home restore your skin with oil or petroleum-based moisturizers.
  • Shoe Covers- Dirt, grime, slush, ice, and snow are all ‘wonderful’ affects of winter weather, and if you have to walk any distance at all from your car to the medical facility you work at after CNA training, chances are you are dragging it all in. Avoid those dirty looks from the housekeeping staff and staining your new pair of shoes by investing in a box of shoe covers. They only cost about $10 for 100, and can be a fantastic solution on those nasty winter days.
  • Scrub Jacket- Even when the weather is cold outside, the inside of a hospital or nursing home will still tend to be a bit chilly, mostly because germs don’t like the cold. However, if you don’t want to enter every patients room after CNA training with ice cycles hanging from your bangs, there is a solution: scrub jackets. There are several different styles, including cardigan and slim-cut with a front zipper. If you tend to get the chills often, though, opt for the cardigan version; this will allow you to add layers underneath the jacket. Both styles are appropriate for your work after CNA training and are available in several different colors, ensuring you are able to adhere to your dress code.
  • Exercise Gear- Even if you’ve already given up on those New Year’s resolutions, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on staying in shape during winter. Still, with the cold weather knocking at your door, you may find it difficult to convince your body to step outside during your time off. There is a way to get around that though, with indoor exercise equipment like treadmills, fitness balls, and small weights. During your time off after CNA training, you can stay warm and stay inside by using this equipment to keep in shape- right in your living room!

After CNA Training: Keep Yourself Happy During Winter

Your main focus after CNA training is probably keeping your patients happy and healthy, but don’t forget about yourself! There are plenty of things you can do to banish those winter blues and enjoy yourself after CNA training.

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