Beat the Recession with Certified Nursing Assistant Training

With a national recession that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, many individuals are finding themselves reevaluating their employment, rate of pay, and making the decision to embark on a brand new career path.

If you find yourself looking for financial answers in this new economy, you may want to check out a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA. If you’ve always been interested in a medical career and have what it takes to communicate with, comfort, and help others, this may be the perfect fit for you.

Is a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant for you?

Here is a list of benefits to take a look at that may help you make your final decision:

  • Free Nursing Assistant Training: By far, the number one benefit is the fact that you can often secure free training in exchange for a contract that includes working for a certain facility for a specified period of time. Check long term care facilities, nursing centers, hospitals, and retirement homes in your area to inquire about free nursing assistant training. A contract that ties you to a certain job for a specified time period is a small price to pay in exchange for the skills you’ll need to pass your state certification exam.
  • Work Flexibility: Certified Nursing Assistants are needed around the clock in most facilities, and even in home health aide situations. This makes for an ideal situation for those who are looking for flexible work hours. If you’d like to enter into a field where you have the freedom of working nights or even 4 days on with 3 days off, a career as a certified nursing assistant is ideal
  • Growing Demand: In a time when many job markets are shrinking and the employment rate is still painfully low, the medical field continues to grow by a healthy percentage year after year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to foresee a strong increase in the medical field. Regardless of the economy, individuals will always need health care. Becoming a certified nursing assistant will provide you with excellent job security for tomorrow.
  • Relocation Options: Once you receive your CNA training, you are ready to practice your career in any state in the nation. Almost any city you can think of will have a need for qualified and dependable CNAs. This gives you the freedom to relocate and possibly follow your spouse’s career, or to move wherever there may be a higher demand for certified nursing assistants. The only thing you will need before you begin working in a new state is to check with that particular state’s guidelines. You may need to take a few classes in order to obtain your license for that particular state, but that’s a small inconvenience compared to the benefits of being completely portable in your career.
  • Self Fulfillment: One of the main complaints heard among business people is the degree of non-fulfillment they feel after years on their job. This is not true when you make the decision to enter the medical field as a certified nursing assistant. You’ll have the pride and self fulfillment of knowing that you are helping others and making a real difference in other’s lives.
  • Advancement Opportunities: While working as a certified nursing assistant you’ll gain insight into the entire medical field, which can end up opening doors of opportunity that could be extremely beneficial. Many facilities even offer tuition assistance to help their employees advance their careers or transition into other medical positions.
  • A Fast Career Move: Certified nursing assistant training generally takes 12 weeks or less to complete. This allows for a quick career transition and will have income coming into your household quickly. During these economically trying times, this is a huge benefit.

These are just a few of the excellent reasons to join the growing number of certified nursing assistants across America. If you are considering a career in this rewarding field, there is no time better than right now to begin.

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  1. Emely Ferko Says:

    Cool blog. Thanks! be back here soon.


    please i wish to register and write the CNA exams so that i can migrate and work in Canada.I was trained in Cameroon for Two years where i obtained a certificate as a Nurse Assistant and also work for sometime before deciding to embark on bachelor degree which am doing at the University Of Health science Antigua.
    The problem i have here in Antigua is that there are no jobs for students.This is making life very for me.that is why i have to write this exams and move to Canada,where i can be working while going to school.
    while waiting to hear from you i hope that this sincere request will be given your highest request.thanks

  3. Robin B Says:

    Nkeng Sam,

    I’m sure with the determination and forethought you are already showing that you will do well as a CNA! Check online for the information you need to migrate to Canada and where you can register for classes. It will all depend on the exact city you are looking for CNA training classes in. Good luck! You will do well!

  4. virmala ramsahye Says:

    want to do training in nurse

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