Been a While Since CNA Training? Tips to Get Back in the Medical Field

cna trainingCNA Training

Finishing CNA training and becoming a certified nursing assistant may have once been the ultimate dream. However, life often gets in the way of the things we think we want and helps us create new dreams to reach for. If you finished CNA training and then went on to take a break from your career while you had children or had to care for an aging parent, you may feel as if you can never take a step back and re-realize your dream. But you can.

Re-entering the medical field as a CNA is entirely possible. So, grab your scrubs and realize your dream once again with these tips.

After CNA Training: Re-Entering the Medical Field

  • Check Your License- How long has it been since you finished CNA training or bothered to renew your CNA license. Most states mandate your license must be renewed every two years, and that you must work as a CNA for at least 24 hours during those two years. If you have let your CNA training license lapse, your state may force you to retake the CNA training exam or retake CNA training completely. The first step you should take when re-entering the medical field is to make a call to your state’s board of nursing. Find out what you have to do to renew or re-obtain your CNA training license.
  • Brush Up- Whether or not you have to re-take your CNA training exam, it is important to brush up on basic CNA duties and familiarize yourself with any duties that may be new. Make sure you know how to take vital signs, change an occupied bed, and clean dentures. If necessary, take a free CNA training course in your area to update your knowledge.
  • Volunteer- Many employers may be hesitant to hire a CNA who hasn’t had much experience in the last few years. Breaking down that barrier is easy, though, with a little volunteer work. Sure, you might not get paid, but volunteering allows you to practice and relearn skills and create recent experiences that can land you a full time job with a paycheck.
  • Don’t Apologize- When interviewing for a new position, never apologize for taking time off. Explain why the break was necessary and be prepared to put a positive spin on it. What did becoming a new mom do to help you become a better CNA? Were you able to practice your skills and bedside manner when caring for your aging parent?
  • Don’t Give Up- Re-entering the medical field years after CNA training may not be the easiest, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right attitude, a little re-training, and a bit of effort, you will have the opportunity to restart your career quickly and get back on track with your dreams.

After CNA Training: You CAN Begin Again

Think too much time off means your career is dead? It isn’t. Re-entering the medical field is possible through these tips and the right CNA training.

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