Benefits of Taking CNA Training in High School

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you a high school student who is anxious to begin working in the medical field? Thanks to CNA training, you may not have to wait until after graduation. In some states, high school students can attend CNA training classes prior to earning their high school diploma or GED and begin working as a CNA while they are still in school.

Why would a high school student want to do this? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of CNA Training Before Graduation

  • It Allows you to Begin Working- Saving up for college isn’t easy, especially when you’re earning minimum wage at a fast food restaurant. By attending CNA training, you can work with patients in a medical setting, where you’ll earn higher wages and a number of benefits you might not find elsewhere, like health insurance.
  • It Brings you Closer to Your Degree- Thinking of becoming a nurse after your high school graduation? CNA training not only gives you a head start, it allows you to see exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into. In addition, many nursing schools these days actually have CNA training as a prerequisite to acceptance into a program. By completing your CNA training early, you might be able to enter and finish nursing school quicker.
  • It Gives You Experience- It’s hard finding work these days, especially if you’re a recent graduate. You may the degree, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll be accepted each time you fill out an application. Hiring managers want to see you have some experience under your belt- any type of experience. They want to know that you understand how the workplace works, and know they can trust you to act like a professional. By completing CNA training and working as a CNA, you have experience that will help you stand out on your resume.
  • High School Credit- Some high schools allow their students to complete CNA training classes and will actually provide them with credits toward their graduation when they do so. Why not take care of two birds with one stone?
  • It Fits to Your Schedule- Want to become a CNA, but afraid classes will interfere with your regular schoolwork or simply be too much to handle? CNA training isn’t just available during the school season. It’s also available in many locations during the summer. Take a few weeks off from the beach and earn an education that will help you begin your career in healthcare during the summer.

CNA Training for High School Students

Thinking about becoming a CNA? See if your state will allow you to take CNA training before you graduate. If so, you may be able to start your career early. Be careful, however; make sure you can not only take CNA training, but will be eligible to sit for the state exam once you do. If you have to wait until you turn 18 to take the written and skills exam that will allow you to obtain your certification, you may forget what you learned during CNA training.


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