Benefits of Working for Home Health After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

After you complete CNA training, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of health care settings. You might work in a nursing home, caring for elderly and disabled residents who live there twenty-four hours a day. Or perhaps you might work in a hospital, where you can enjoy specific areas of the medical field, such as pediatrics, obstetrics, oncology, and much more.




There are other options besides just these two main employment locations, however. And, some of them may provide you with more benefits than you can obtain in a nursing home or hospital. This type of employment can also be much more advantageous than working as an independent contractor as well.


Where might that be, you ask? Have you considered working for a home health agency after CNA training? This type of agency can provide you with a number of benefits you can enjoy after CNA training.


Benefits of Working for Home Health After CNA Training


  • Structure- One of the biggest benefits of working with a home health agency after CNA training, rather than as a independent CNA is the structure it provides. With a home health agency, you are provided with set hours, payroll, human resources, and established management. You don’t have to worry about when your check is going to be available, who to turn to with problems, or finding a replacement when you need to take a sick day. This is all covered for you.


  • Flexible Hours- When you work in a hospital or nursing home, the hours you are given are generally taken in shifts. You work seven to twelve hours one day, and the next day you work the same. After CNA training, you don’t have to be tied down to this monotony. By working in home health, you can take advantage of flexible hours and scheduling with your clients. You may work for a few hours in the morning, or you may work at night. There is always a need for part-time and full-time employment, so you can work the hours available around your schedule.


  • Different Types of Patients- While you may be able to work with a variety of different patients in a hospital setting, this is often only possible when you are working in the emergency room or intensive care unit. Otherwise, you are most likely going to be caring for only one kind of patient after CNA training. For instance, if you work in the maternity ward of a hospital, you are only going to be caring for mothers and newborns after CNA training. With home health, you can work with a variety of individuals. Some may be elderly and suffering from various illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s, while others may be young and suffering from serious diseases or injuries.


Working for Home Health After CNA Training


While a home health agency will offer many of the same job benefits as a nursing home or hospital, such as a 401k plan, health insurance, and paid time off, they also offer so much more. Gain the structure and flexible hours you need by working for home health after CNA training.

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