Best Apps for CNA Training Students and Graduates

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Are you a CNA or a CNA training student who uses an iPhone, iPod, iTouch, or iPad? If so, there are excellent medical and CNA specific apps you should be taking advantage of. By taking advantage of apps, you can literally turn your iPhone into a way to keep track of medical inform, keep in touch with your fellow employees, and organize your day. Here’s a look at the best apps for CNA training students and graduates.

CNA Training Students and Graduates Apps

Study Guide App - This CNA training study guide app contains over 150 questions and is the perfect app to help you practice and prepare for your State’s written portion of the CNA exam. Works with iPhone, iPod or iPad, has customizable quiz styles, quick support email and iOS4 ready.

Bishop’s Score Calc – Are you a CNA training graduate who now works in an obstetric office? If so, this app is indispensable. This obstetric calculator is used to calculate Bishop’s Score, a score used to assess probability of forthcoming delivery.

More CNA Training Apps

Epocrates Rx – This app is free, which is a huge plus, and extremely useful for CNA training students or current CNAs. Are you concerned about the drugs your patient is taking or how they interact with one another? This Rx guide provides a full drug interaction checker. This app downloads right to your device so you can look for information without wireless connections.

Glucose Charter -  Glucose-Charter is a record keeping or recording app for blood glucose, insulin and medication recording. It’s useful for CNA training students and graduates, but can also be downloaded and used by patients who want to self-monitor their levels.

Medical Reference - Has some of the medical terminology you’ve learned slipped your mind through lack of use? This app let’s you quickly and conveniently look up medical references and terminology on your iPhone. Why risk embarrassment on a new job, especially when you don’t have to. Simply look up what you don’t know or didn’t understand and you’ll be brought up to speed. This app isn’t advertised as a CNA training student study aide, but we think it could definitely double as one. Go through the medical terms and test yourself. How many are you familiar with? This is a great refresher for the student who’s about to take the state certification.

iChart – The perfect app for keeping track of patients. It has the ability to store everything from patient charts and data to  lists of medications and allergies in a streamlined, organized fashion.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) – You may not be employed in a hospital setting. If not, this emergency app can provide you with a huge amount of assistance if you are faced with a medical emergency.

Mosby’s iTerms Flash Cards for Medical Terminology – A wonderful study aid, the Mosby’s iTerms Flash Cards for Medical Terminology will help you master the prefixes, suffixes, combining forms, and abbreviations used to build medical terms. This app is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod touch.

There you have it, our top picks for apps. We hope you find them as useful as we do. As a CNA training student or graduate, it’s important to keep up with technology.

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