Best Employment Choices After CNA Training

CNA Training

Once you make the decision to take CNA training, your journey has just begun. Taking the necessary CNA training and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a rewarding job, to be sure. It can be your final stop, a lifelong career, or can provide a realistic view of the world of health care and may lead to a  desire to continue. CNA training can lead to a career that serves as a stepping stone along that path. Being in the trenches, you’ll learn a great deal by participating in the every day duties expected of you after CNA training and also by observing those around.

Evaluating the employcna trainingment options available to you can help you to pick the best choice after CNA training. Keep in mind that if you plan on making CNA training a stepping stone, as opposed to a full time, life long career, the place you choose to work directly after CNA training can make a huge difference in whether you move on in the medical field or not.

Check into these options after CNA training we find the following:

After CNA Training. Will You Move Up?

Hospitals – A hospital will provide the smart CNA training graduate with the most options. You’ll be able to work in your career for now, but will also be able to keep a keep eye out for other options and classes like CNA training that can become a fast track to another arm of the medical field, such as an x-ray tech or a phlebotomist.

Nursing Homes - Working in a nursing home may be the quickest way to a paycheck after CNA training, but it may not help you if you have plans to move on. There are limited health care positions in nursing homes, so your exposure to other choices will be low.

Home Health Aide – Even lower on the totem pole for health career exposure is the home health aide. Although this can provide the highest income possibilities after CNA training, you’ll have virtually no contact with other health care workers and your growth in the field could greatly stagnate.

Hope Hospice – I don’t particularly love Hope Hospice. It takes a special type of person to enter into this field after CNA training. It’s definitely a place where I would think a CNA would be full time, simply because of the amount of dedication and knowledge required to deal with death and dying every day. There are huge emotional situations you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis, comforting families, explaining things, and being a support system. It is not something I would suggest after CNA training if you are planning on going on in your medical career.

Private Physician – A private physician could be a good choice after CNA training. The best part of it is the possibility of being mentored by someone in the medical field who can share the high and low points and possibly point you in the right direction.

Whichever career path you choose after CNA training, keep reading our blog for more info!

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