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Part of your CNA training will include purchasing the uniform you’ll be wearing for your new medical career. Well, it’s not really a uniform. Generally, certified nursing assistants wear scrubs, which are one or two piece sets and are the same type of uniforms surgeons wear. To avoid constantly washing your clothes and stressing about having clean scrubs for work or CNA training class, you’ll need at least three sets. Depending on the price, this can end up costing a nice chunk of change, unless you know where to purchase them. Retail prices of scrubs are generally between $30 and $60. To save as much as possible, we’ve provided a list of the best places to purchase CNA training and career uniforms online:

Online Scrubs for the CNA Training Student (and Graduate)


A1 Scrubs – A Great Selection

A1 Scrubs is known for their large selection of  scrubs which range from professional solid colored to team sports and pediatric decorations and cartoon characters. If you will be working with children in any capacity, A1 is a great place to purchase a uniform that can help your patient feel more at ease.  Check out A1 Scrubs website for their full selection.  They take all major credit cards, offer free shipping for orders over $99 and frequently offers discounts for repeat customers.

Medical Scrubs Offers the Full Collection for CNA Training Students

Many CNA training students on a limited budget would rather purchase three to four medical uniforms at a time. Medical Scrubs Collection has frequent sales and clearance items to help lighten the blow of  this large initial purchase. Medical Scrubs Collection accepts all major credit cards plus Paypal and Google Checkout.

Pulse Uniforms – Great for Home Health Aides

Not everyone is interested in the traditional CNA scrub type uniform, but still needs something professional and easy to care for to wear to work. Whether you are a home health aide or work for a medical facility that doesn’t require the traditional CNA scrub, Pulse Uniforms may be perfect for you. They have very reasonable prices, shipping fees, and a unique, upbeat collection of uncommon styles. As an additional bonus, CNA training graduates who spend more than $39.99 get their order shipped for free.

Side Note: Sometimes, groups of coworkers or students from CNA training programs can benefit by combining an order to avoid shipping fees. This is a great idea.

Finally, with any new company you are thinking of purchasing from, be sure to check on the return policy and shipping time. Although most CNA training scrubs, medical uniforms, and lab coats are a polyester/cotton blend and hassle free, there is always a chance that your uniform may not fit correctly or have a flaw. In these instances it is important to deal with a company known for their integrity and customer service. A no-nonsense return policy is a huge plus.

After CNA training, your uniform will be a part of your everyday wardrobe. Be sure to put a bit of thought into your purchase and stretch your dollar by buying online.

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