Best States for CNA Training

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CNA training could be the answer to all of your problems. It could provide you with the skills and the opportunity to find a job that you not only like, but love. While every state in the United States offers this type of training, though, not every state makes the life of a CNA worthwhile. Some states pay their CNAs very little money for the work they do. If you want to make this your career, that’s not exactly what you want to hear, right?

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for CNAs will increase by 19% by 2018, due to the growth of the health care industry, growth of our population, and increase in the aging population, you might not want to settle when it comes to CNA training. So, what states should you set your sights on?

Best States for CNA Training

There are a few conditions you’ll want to consider before attempting to take CNA training in any state. The first, of course, is the average hourly pay. As of 2012, PayScale reported that CNAs could earn the most per hour from the following five states:

  • Alaska- $16.45
  • Nevada- $15.08
  • New York- $15.01
  • Hawaii- $14.91
  • Connecticut- $14.71

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only earn this high an hourly wage if you’re working in these states, however. PayScale also reports that you can earn as much as $16 or $17 an hour working in large cities like Seattle, St. Paul, Washington DC, Boston, or San Francisco. If, however, you want to live in a remote or small area, there is still a chance to earn the bigger bucks after CNA training.

While you may think that salary is everything when it comes to finding the best job after CNA training, it honestly isn’t. Why? Because the states that offer the highest hourly wages generally have fewer job openings. Take Alaska for instance. While you may be able to earn over $16 an hour in this state, there are only an average of 80 job openings a year. This means you would have a much harder time finding employment in this state after CNA training. And if you did find employment after CNA training in Alaska, you’d want to keep it, no matter how you felt about it.

That’s the second consideration you must take into account after CNA training. Here are the states that have the most job openings available on average each year, making it easier for you to find employment.

  • California- 3,900 job openings
  • Florida- 3, 580 job openings
  • New York- 2,330 job openings
  • Ohio- 1,990 job openings
  • North Carolina- 1,940 job openings

Of course, the number of jobs available and your pay aren’t the only things that will matter. You also have to consider the cost of living in each particular state. For instance, the cost of living in one state may be very low, making a lower wage justifiable. The cost of living in another state may be high though, meaning that a higher wage is necessary for comfortable living.

Choosing Where to Take CNA Training

Are you having trouble deciding what state you want to be a CNA in? Take everything into consideration, including average pay, number jobs available, and cost of living before you embark on CNA training.

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