Boost Your Confidence Level for Your CNA Training Exam

cna training classAs you near the completion of your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA Training) exam studies, you may be getting a bit nervous. Will you pass the CNA training exam? What if there are CNA exam questions that you haven’t prepared for, studied for, or even considered. You might be scouring the internet right now, looking for a practice exam or some sample CNA test questions to help you through your anxiety.

If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. The following information will use your CNA training to prepare you for your exam.

The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA Training) Exam

The certified nursing exam is made up of two different parts. The first is a written exam and consists of a series of multiple choice questions. The second part is based on the skills you have learned and your ability to perform them when asked by the instructor.

Let’s look at the multiple choice section of your CNA training exam first. Provided you have studied and paid attention during your CNA training, you should do fine. Here is a sampling of 5 questions that may appear on your CNA test. We are providing these questions to you as a courtesy and as a confidence booster. If you are able to answer these questions without issue, know that you will do fine on your CNA training exam.

CNA Training Exam Questions

1. A nursing home resident who regularly carries a doll and treats it as her baby can’t locate it. The certified nursing assistant should:

a. Ask the resident where she had it last.

b. Ask the front desk if they have seen it.

c. Offer comfort and help look for the missing doll.

2. A nursing assistant is asked to change a urinary drainage bag attached to a catheter. The CNA is not familiar with this procedure. The best response would be to:

a. Change it anyway and try your best.

b. Ask another CNA to do it for you.

c. Ask the head nurse on duty to watch you change the bag and admit it is your first time.

3. Which of the following is a normal task that is performed by a CNA?

a. Taking a medication order over the phone from a physician.

b. Changing sterile wound dressings.

c. Participating in resident care planning conferences.

4. Which of the following sentences is true regarding range of motion?

a. Range of motion is performed once per day

b. It helps prevent paralysis

c. Are often performed during bathing or dressing.

5. While the CNA is dressing a resident who is confused, the resident keeps trying to grab a hairbrush. The CNA should:

a. Place the brush out of sight.

b. Restrain the resident’s hand.

c. Give the resident the hairbrush to hold.

If you answered c to each of the cna training exam questions above, you are correct. As you can see, some of the questions will be about actual procedures, while many of the CNA exam questions will indirectly be about patient rights and particular situations.

It is important that you take the patient rights into consideration whenever you are reading your CNA training questions. Some of the test questions will seem tricky, until you read them with the patient rights in mind.

Once you are in the real world, working as a certified nursing technician, it’s important to look back to your CNA training and remember the patient’s rights. Sure, you may not see the need for a particular resident to find their doll or hold their hair brush, but if it is important to them it should be important to you. Nursing home residents are often disoriented and confused. It is vital that you, as their caregiver, uphold their rights and allow them to be exactly who they are. Refer often to your CNA training.

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