Can I Take CNA Training Without U.S. Citizenship?

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The U.S. offers both citizens and non-citizens the chance to better themselves through education, such as CNA training. Every year hundreds of students come to here to take CNA training courses for certification in their own country. While you do not have to be a citizen to register and attend school, you do need to be documented and have permission to be in the United States. Undocumented, or illegal, immigrants will not be able to go to any post-secondary schooling.

Attending CNA Training as an Immigrant

You will be able to register for and attend CNA training in the United States if you have a permanent resident card. You will have to show proof of your immigration status and fill out all the appropriate applications. If you are a minor, your parents will be required to fill out papers and sign yours as well. This immigrations status may even allow you to apply for federally funded financial aid to help pay for your training. The school you decide to go to will be able to help you with the forms for aid.

Attending CNA Training as a Non-immigrant

Even if you do not have a green card, you can still apply and attend a college or vocational school for CNA training. There are a couple of different visas you may apply for before you can actually go to school. The paperwork and documentation will all be required by the school you will be attending before the start of classes.

  1. The J-1 visa is for students in the foreign exchange program. You will be allowed to attend a school you have applied to and been accepted at as long as you have a sponsor you will be staying with. This is the same program as the students who come to the U.S. for one year of high school.
  2. You should apply for an F-1 visa if you are going to be attending any post-secondary school for academic or vocational purposes. This will include community colleges that offer CNA training. The school must be certified for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.
  3. Apply for an M-1 visa if you will be attending a vocational or trade school for your training. Again, the school must be a SEVP certified school.

Visas That Will Not Allow School or CNA Training Attendance

Although you will be allowed into the country with a B-2 tourist visa, you will not be able to attend school. You may, however, come here on a tourist visa to take entrance examinations, visit the campus, meet the staff for an entrance interview or perform any other functions of the application process. Once you have been accepted you will need to take your acceptance letter to your local embassy and apply for one of the student visas.

Studying in the U.S. is something many young adults dream of doing. Some hope to earn a job and obtain papers that will allow them to work here once they have completed their training, while others just want the chance to experience the United States more than a tourist does. Whatever your reason, as long as you have the proper documentation, you do not need to be a citizen of the U.S. to receive CNA training here.

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