Can I Use a Government Grant to Pay For My CNA Training?

cna trainingFunding Your CNA Training

If you are interested in becoming a certified nurse assistant but looking for some help financing your CNA training, you may have wondered if government grants are available to you. If you go about it the right way, the answer is a definite, yes! Unlike some fields, the health industry continues to grow and thrive, and there is every indication it will keep doing so for years to come. Because of the ever growing need, there is a great deal of financial aid available for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a health care professional. Here are a few ways you can find government grants that will pay for your CNA training.

Local Hospitals and CNA Training Grants

Every year medical facilities receive government grants that can be used provide CNA training for prospective new ¬†employees. What’s the catch? In return for the free CNA training, you’ll need to agree to work for the hospital for a specified period of time. The amount of time will vary by facility but averages between six months and one year. What happens if you default on your end of the bargain? If you don’t continue to work for the contracted time period, you might be required to repay the training fees in full.

CNA Training: Technical Schools and Community Colleges

If you don’t want to be obligated to work for a medical facility for a specific period of time, there are other options. One is receiving your CNA training from a technical school or community college. Before enrolling in such an institution, find out if they accept government grants. You’ll need to apply through FAFSA, meet the requirements and any government deadlines for that academic year.

Receiving a grant through a government grant and attending a community college will give you a lot more freedom than the first option. After you’ve completed your CNA training, you will get to decide where you will work and for how long. How do you apply for a government grant through FAFSA? Here are the details to get you started:

The FAFSA Option to Fund Your CNA Training

Individuals with special circumstances, like single mothers, those with disabilities, or those in dire financial straits, can qualify to receive a government grant by submitting a FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Along with your application, you’ll be required to provide proof of your annual earnings, your social security number, proof of residence, dependants and marital status . If you qualify, the school where you have chosen to study will receive enough money to cover the cost of your CNA training. You can submit a FAFSA online at the official government website.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant can be a fulfilling, enriching career. For individuals who can’t pay for CNA training themselves, becoming a certified nursing assistant might seem impossible. However, with a government grant, what seems impossible can quickly become a reality.

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