Can You Complete Your CNA Training Class in One Week?

An internet search for “one week CNA Training Class” returns over 14,000 results. A term with that many hits has to be legitimate, right? Well, not necessarily. If you want to know if these one week CNA training classes are worth the investment  then you’ve come to the right place. After we noticed the ads and billboards that are cropping up everywhere, we did a bit of investigating.

CNA Training Class Basics

At its most fundamental level, a CNA training class must offer a minimum of 72 hours of training, with 16 of those hours being hands-on clinical training. This is a requirement in order to qualify to take the nursing assistant exam. A traditional, in-depth CNA training class can last from 9 to 12 months. More popular, shorter versions of the course typically last from 6-12 weeks.

In some cases, aspiring CNAs may receive their training from an operating nursing facility. Although it is rare, this provides a sort of on-the-job training for those who are working to become a CNA, but have not received their certification or participated in any type of CNA training class. Finding an opportunity such as this can be difficult since most employers prefer to hire someone who already possesses the required level of training and is ready to go right to work.

So Is It Possible to Complete A CNA Training Class in Only a Week?

Well, yes, it is possible, although it probably isn’t a good idea. Since you can take the test to become certified after only 72 training hours, an intensive one week study course that includes clinical experience at a nursing facility will qualify you to take the exam. However, it probably isn’t going to allow you to be the best nursing assistant you could be. You will spend approximately 14 ½ hours per day in training based on a 5 day week, and more than 10 hours per day in training if it is extended for a full 7 days.

What this translates to is that you will essentially participate is a crash course CNA training class. The amount of information you are able to retain will depend largely on your learning style and abilities. Since there will be no time to stop and revisit an idea in such a fast-paced course, any topics or procedures that aren’t clear to you will remain unclear to you unless you do your own independent research. A one week CNA training course may help you get through the national exam by the skin of your teeth, but it won’t prepare you fully for the job you are trying to do.

CNA Training Class Bottom Line

If you have some kind of background in nursing or working in a medical office, or you are a particularly fast learner, then a one week CNA training class may be all you need to do well. In most cases however, it is a much better idea to enroll in a minimum of a 6 week CNA training class program. This will give you the opportunity to study, ask questions, and really absorb everything that you need to know in order to perform well.

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    I have been a Nurse Aide for 13yrs. but not certified. All the jobs i apply for need certification. I am interested in 1wk course for free.

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    I have been a caregiver for 11yrs. but not certified CNA. All the jobs i apply for need certification. I am interested in 1wk course for free.

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