Can You Get Paid for CNA Training?

cna trainingPaid CNA Training. Is That Even Real?

Have you heard of paid CNA training? What does it mean and how can it help you? This term can actually refer to two different things which we will cover in the article below:

Paid CNA Training Courses – What In the World Are They?

The first type of paid CNA training is CNA training you must pay for yourself. Don’t let the fancy terminology fool you into believing differently. CNA training offered through allied health courses, community colleges, adult education centers, and nursing schools are all forms of training that are considered paid training courses.

You will most likely need to pay the tuition for these CNA training classes out of your own pocket. You may be able to obtain CNA training for free through options such as:

  • Scholarships or grants. This option can usually be obtained if you are taking CNA training through a community college.
  • A contract with your current or future employer. Sometimes, employers will pay for your CNA training if you are willing to sign a contract with them that states you will work in the facility for a certain amount of time after you have obtained your certification.
  • The Workforce Investment Act can help you obtain free training if you are unemployed, have a low income, and are in need of training to begin your new career.

If you don’t qualify for free training, you will need to spend a good amount of time to find the best type of training available. After all, if you are spending your hard-earned money on these courses, you want them to prepare you fully for your new career. Search for courses that are accredited, have a positive reputation, and can offer you the education you need at an affordable price.

Do You Qualify to Be Paid During CNA Training?

Paid CNA training can also refer to when an employer pays you for actually taking CNA courses. Basically, there are two way this can occur.

  • Your employer hires you and allows you to work during your CNA training in the facility. While you will not be able to perform any of the daily asks a certified nursing assistant does, the employer may have you work behind the scenes, helping in the kitchen with dietary duties, changing beds, or doing laundry. In this way, you can earn your certification, but still be able to work and earn money for your bills because your employer will work with you and your CNA training schedule.
  • Your employer will actually pay you for the time you are training. Employers may pay you during CNA training if they are sending you to another facility for certification or if they are providing the CNA training at their own health care facility. In this way, the employer will treat your training as something that is necessary for the advancement of your career and will reimburse you for the time you must spend away from your work in order to complete it.

Whether you are attending CNA training you must pay for yourself or you are being paid to attend a CNA course, becoming a CNA can be a positive step in your career. Begin working as a CNA today by taking advantage of paid CNA training.

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