Can Your CNA Training Certification Be Revoked?

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After you’ve invested so much in your CNA training, the last thing you want to happen is to have your certificate revoked. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon as you might think.¬† However, avoiding the following situations will help to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you.

It should be noted that each state has its own certification guidelines. But, in most cases, doing any of the things listed here will result in loss of certification. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

CNA Training & Patient Neglect or Abuse

There is no excuse for patient abuse, on any level.  This includes arguing and verbal abuse. Termination is generally immediate, as it should be.

There is also no excuse for neglect. However, some CNA training graduates neglect a patient without meaning to do so. An example of this is when he or she gets busy and forgets to administer medication on time. Even though this is unintentional, it still endangers the patient and can result in certificate revocation.

CNA Training Warns Not to Lie on Your Application

Lying on your application or neglecting to mention a criminal offense, in order to be accepted into this type of training, can result in getting your certification revoked. It may take a while for the erroneous information to come to light, but once it does you could very well lose the certification you worked so hard for.

CNA Training & Patient Information

Mixing up patient information or forgetting to notate something on a chart is almost as serious as patient neglect or abuse, especially when the incorrect facts are in regard to medication.

Never wait until the end of the day to update necessary information. It’s best to do it right away, while it’s still fresh on your mind.

CNA Training & Overlooking  Co-Worker Misconduct

No one likes to think of themselves as a snitch. However, if you observe a co-worker abusing a patient or doing something wrong it should be reported to a supervisor as soon as possible. Patient safety and exemplary care always comes first. If you don’t report a problem, depending on the severity, it may be grounds for your own termination as well.

CNA Training Warns Not to Let Your Certificate Expire

Depending on your geographical location, long periods of unemployment may cause your certification to be revoked. The typical time period is 5 years.

Unlike some of the other scenarios, this situation is easy to rectify. Simply retake the certification exam. As long as you pass, you will be issued a new certificate that will allow you to enter the workforce once again.

Remember, once a CNA license is revoked, it is generally difficult to have the process reversed. You are much better off adhering to all guidelines and doing the best job you possibly can. Of course, everyone makes mistakes. In the event that that ever happens, the most important thing to do is to be honest. You’ll have a better chance of keeping your job, so your CNA training doesn’t go to waste.

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