Can’t I Just Skip CNA Training?

cna trainingCNA Training

I ran across a forum the other day where a young woman was talking about her experience becoming a CNA. The woman was over 18, had her high school diploma, and had never taken CNA training. Despite this, she had worked in the health care field and had challenged the state exam and passed it with flying colors.

While it was obvious she knew what she was doing, when it came to finding a job, she wasn’t having much success. Every employer demanded proof that she had actually completed the CNA training, not just passed the CNA training exam.

She came to the forum to determine why, in a her particular state where she was allowed to challenge the CNA training exam and earn her certification without CNA training, was she having such a hard time finding a job.

Why You Need CNA Training

In some states, you are allowed to challenge the CNA training exam without ever stepping foot in a classroom. However, this does not always mean you should. Here are a couple of reasons employers would prefer it if you had a bit of classroom experience.

  • Experience- During CNA training, you not only have the opportunity to learn, but you also have the opportunity to really experience what being a CNA is all about. You’ll go to nursing homes, hospitals, and care for real patients- all under the direct supervision your CNA training instructor. Employers want you to have this experience and this supervision because it gives them confidence that you have been shown the proper way to work as a CNA.
  • Leeriness- Some employers are leery of hiring CNAs who have not completed CNA training because they are worried that the worker is going to work for a few weeks, find out what the job is like, and then go to the nearest fast food restaurant, where they can make just as much money with a lot less work. This is especially true when the CNA who obtained their license through the challenge process hasn’t had any experience before working in healthcare.
  • Training- One of the biggest things that employers are worried about when hiring CNAs who have no completed CNA training is having to train them. They worry that the CNA passed the exam by memorizing a few skills, but in reality they don’t know how to properly care for patients. In low-key environments like assisted-living this might not be much of a problem, but in places like hospitals and nursing homes, where every moment is a rush to the next, it is. Why? Training takes time, money, and effort. Employers would much rather spend a few more days searching for a candidate who has completed their CNA training than worry about the consequences of hiring someone who hasn’t.

Should You Take CNA Training?

The challenge process is there for a reason, and you can obtain your CNA training license in some states without having to sit in a classroom. That doesn’t mean you should, however. Consider your options carefully before deciding whether or not to take CNA training.

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