Career Fairs After CNA Training: How to Prepare

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If you’ve been following this series, you already know why you should be attending a career fair after CNA training. They can open up doors for you, allow you to get to know employers in your area that you might be interested in working for, and provide you with face-to-face chances to ask questions and have conversations with company representatives. Today we will continue discussing the benefits of job fairs, and how to prepare for your next one.

Preparing for a Career Fair After CNA Training

  • Know the Employers- Almost every job fair you’ll attend will have its own website dedicated to giving you as much information as possible about the fair after CNA training. On the website you’ll find a list of sponsors for the fair and a list of employers who will be attending. Other relevant information will also be given, such as what kind of positions the employers are hiring for and the qualifications each applicant must have. This data will help you understand what employers might have need of your particular skills and which won’t, so you don’t waste any time while at the fair.
  • Make a List- Once you’ve visited the website and understand what employers will be attending, make a list of which ones you want to see. After CNA training, you need to realize that job fairs aren’t always long enough for you to speak with every employer you like. Make a list of who you consider to be the most important. If your skills, CNA training, and the employer’s need fit together, consider them to be important. You must also consider the culture of the company, however, and what the organization does. Also look at who the employers say they want to hire. If they are currently only hiring nurses and doctors, your CNA training certification might not mean a lot to them. Don’t be discouraged by this; just move on to the next potential employer.
  • Be Ready to go Online- Having several copies of your resume is essential when attending a job fair after CNA training, but be prepared when an employer can’t accept it. You may have to apply online with some companies, so federal regulations regarding how data is kept can be met. In order to comply with the regulations, which demand employers manage the way applicants apply for positions, go to the employers website and apply. Keep in mind that when an employer asks you to apply this way after CNA training, he isn’t brushing you off, and you aren’t wasting time. He’s just following the law.
  • Prepare an Introduction- There’s a good chance that once you introduce yourself at a job fair, you’re going to be doing more listening than talking. Company representatives already know what they want to say and how they want to say it. It’s for this reason that your introduction is important. Be prepared with a short, 20 to 30 second intro, but be careful to make it not sound scripted. Say hello, tell them your name, your qualifications and what kind of work you are looking for.
  • Know the Dress Code- Be careful what you wear to a job fair; each one has a different dress code. Some may require interview attire, while others will allow you to wear business casual clothing. Dress appropriately for this event after CNA training. If the website doesn’t list a dress code, call the sponsor of the fair and ask what it is.

After CNA Training: Prepare for Your Career Fair

Are you ready for your first career fair after CNA training? Use these tips to ensure you are ready for this great opportunity. With a little luck, you may be able to find your next employer at a career fair after CNA training.

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