Career Fairs After CNA Training: While You’re There

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So, you’ve begun looking for a CNA position now that you’ve completed CNA training, and you believe that attending a job fair will give you a good opportunity to find one. You’re right, but in the third and final part of this series on career fairs after CNA training, you’ll learn that it’s not always about just showing up. The way you behave and act can have a lot to do with whether an employer gives you a second look.

How to Behave at a job Fair After CNA Training

  • Mind Your Manners- Your parents said it again and again as you were growing up, but you probably never knew their advice would come in handy after CNA training. It will. When you attend a job fair, be careful to mind your manners. Stand up straight, say please and thank you, don’t fidget, smile and be nice, and don’t chew gum. First impressions are everything, and by remembering these few things you can improve yours dramatically.
  • Handshakes- Offer each employer a strong, firm handshake, always making sure to keep eye contact.
  • Be Positive- When speaking to a potential future employer, always try to be positive and stay on topic. Be conversational and friendly, but don’t be misled into thinking the career fair is a social event. You’re hear to find a job, and you’re being judged by employers with every step you take. Also, job fairs can be rather loud, so try to always speak clearly and with confidence so company representatives don’t have to ask you to repeat yourself.
  • Carry Your Resume- Many job fairs you’ll attend after CNA training will have you check your bags when you enter. This is often because job fairs are crowded, and the fewer things you take in, the more room there will be for people to walk around. That being said, don’t check your resumes. Make sure to carry a small bag with you, as well, even if you have to check your purse or larger bag at the door. This can be used to hold the literature and promotional items representatives may give you.
  • Be Open- If your target employer list contains 10 names after CNA training, but you have plenty of extra time, don’t limit yourself. Instead, walk around and speak to other employers who aren’t busy. Their companies might be the right fit for you after CNA training, but talking to them allows you to learn more about their company and practice the skill of initiating conversation with strangers.

What NOT to do at a Job Fair After CNA Training

While there are several ways you can show future employers your good side after CNA training when you attend a job fair, there are a few things you can do wrong as well. Avoid these problems:

  • Don’t ask what their company does. You should have visited their site prior to attending the job fair and know this.
  • Don’t ask for information that is easily available on the website. Again, you should already have this information, and the employer doesn’t have the time to explain everything to you.
  • Don’t ask about the benefits and salary that come with the job. This topic should be initiated by the employer, if it is at all.

Are you ready for your job fair after CNA training? By understanding what job fairs can do for you, how to prepare for them, and how to act once you are there, you can make the most of your job search after CNA training.

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