Career Fairs After CNA Training: Why Go?

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Looking for a job after CNA training? One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find out more about your new career and discover employers looking for your new talent and skills is attending a job fair after CNA training. In this three part series, we are going to discuss how a job fair could help you, how to prepare for your next job fair, and how to behave and act while you’re attending one. With this information, we hope to help you find the CNA position you’ve been searching for since graduation and open up new doors for you.

After CNA Training: Why Attend a Job Fair?

Believe it or not, job fairs can actually be extremely helpful when you’re attempting to find work after CNA training. While not every employer attends career fairs, many do, especially when they are searching for real talent. If even one employer attending could be your next boss, you have a reason to go. Here are a few more.

  • Make a Good Impression- When you’re just graduating from CNA training, your resume might not pack the punch you’d like it to. You might not be able to stand out from the crowd on a piece of paper, but when you meet your employer in person, you can. Career fairs allow you to do just that.
  • Learn More- An employer’s website can only give you so much information after CNA training. As you’re searching for a job, even before you go into an interview, you need to learn as much as you can about the organization you’re trying to job and the people behind it. At a job fair, it’s easy to ask questions and find out more. Remember as well that you will be evaluating the companies represented as much as they will be evaluating you. Listen and observe the way representatives behave during the career fair, how they address you, and how they address others.
  • Some Offer Follow-up Interviewing- While many CNAs are seeking jobs via social media and online resources, job fairs still offer more when it comes to finding the right employer and job. In fact, many will offer a half or full day dedicated to allowing employers to interview, right there, for any open position they have. Make sure you’re prepared for an interview by tweaking your interview skills well in advance after CNA training. The fair’s website will be able to tell you if this interview process will be offered.
  • Understand Where you fit- In the real world, where you work as a CNA may not necessarily be determined by whether or not the company is in the health care business. A job fair can teach you this by helping you look past the name and at the employers themselves. For instance, after CNA training, a Childcare Expo may be just as beneficial to you as a Medical Expo. Instead of looking at the name of the job fair, look at the employers who are attending. Childcare companies that work with children with special needs or disabilities may be seeking those who have completed CNA training, and you may be able to find a position with one of these companies just as easily as you could find a position with an employer of a nursing home.

What Can Job Fairs do for you After CNA Training?

What can a job fair do for you after CNA training? Career fairs open up doors and allow you to seek out the employers you want to work for. They allow you to be more than just another name on a resume. If you’re looking for work, consider attending a career fair after CNA training.

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