Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or “CNA”, is one of the best career choices someone can make. Not only do CNA’s perform vital, helpful services, but they earn great pay, can always find a job, and have the personal satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from a career devoted to helping others.

CNAs are a vital part of an effective organization. On a daily basis they provide care to the elderly, chronically ill, and individuals who may require special care in nursing homes or long term care facilities. It has been shown that in the next twenty years there will be a need for an additional 700,000 CNAs in the United States. It is important then that CNA Training programs provide an individual with all of the tools they will need to thrive in their career as a CNA.

Each state has different requirements that must be met before one can take the CNA exam for certification. The training includes both an educational component and a clinical component.

The length of time it takes to complete training varies depending on who is teaching the courses, where the clinical training is taking place, and the state requirements for certification. Contacting the State Department that certifies Nursing Assistants will help one to find out what the requirements are for certification.

When a person makes the decision to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, they will find that there are many opportunities available in their local area to take the necessary classes and get the clinical training that is needed. Programs can be found through local hospitals, nursing homes, and community colleges. There are also Red Cross CNA training programs available in most states.

There are two phases in the CNA Training that must be completed before one can take the examination, the written test and the skills test.

There are many courses in the educational part of the CNA Training. These include medical terminology, Fundamental of Nursing, and other healthcare topics that will make sure that the individual can understand and work in the clinical environment. The state also requires that one receive a first aid certification which counts toward the educational requirements for the examination.

Clinical experience is gained through work at a facility. States differ on the number of clinical hours that an individual must work. The hours can range from a few weeks to a month to attain the required hours of clinical training. Some facilities pay a person who is working on their clinical hours and then hire them when they have passed the certification examination.

The examination can be scheduled after all of the requirements have been met. One submits proof of completion with their application and the test is scheduled. The test will cover both the educational and clinical work that has been done. It is important that if a long period of time has elapsed since taking the eduational courses for the CNA that they take a refresher course to prepare for the test.

After a person has completed the training and passed the examination they have become a Certified Nursing Assistant and can work anywhere in the state where they are certified. If they move to another state however they will need to complete a Request for Reciprocity.

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