Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Programs – Be in the Front Line

By Melanie Ullman
Being in the front line of nursing, is not really like being in the line of fire when used as cannon fodder in a foot war, but it does have its ups and downs. When you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, you are in the front line of nursing. However the up side is, that once you have enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program, completed your training and gotten some valuable on the job experience, it opens up a whole new world of skills improvement possibilities to anyone with the will to improve their circumstances. There are bridging programs and all kinds of developmental and educational possibilities which exist.

The Care-Giver

A CNA is definitely not the most glorified job in the field of nursing, no matter where they are deployed, be it a hospital, clinic, nursing home or whatever. But it is certainly one of the most vital. The daily operations carried out – the duties of a certified nursing assistant – are the basis of what drives smooth operations, and it may be a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. The beauty of being in the front-line is that it set standards for the good well being of the patient in care.

Sick people who are helpless are in general very grateful for the smallest things, just being helped to sit comfortably, or a refreshing bed bath, feels better to some patients than any medicine in the world. Compassion and skill is what sets the CAN apart from the rest and makes them the best. It is this that helps patients enjoy a stress free recovery, or event eh last days of their lives, and being stress free, is like winning the lottery, finally you can relax! This is how important the CNA job is.

The Career

Many of the best RN’s used being a CNA as a stepping stone to enter this career, it is a fantastic entry point into a nursing career. And it doesn’t matter what job you do, having to start from the bottom rung of the ladder always stands a person in better stead in the long run. Why do you think so many big business men start their sons off in the mail-room where they start. Because it is a good life lesson and you don’t come on board with the same arrogance as a hot shot graduate might in an instant management position.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Programs

Certified Nursing Assistant Programs ensure that the trainee is ready to start working with real live patients in the shortest possible time. They are even able to teach RN graduates a thing or two about working with people when they come onto the wards for the first time after sitting in a classroom for so long.

They require a GED or High School Diploma and the completion of a 6 – 12 week CNA certification. These programs can be found online, in hospitals and at a community college. If you want to start in the “mail room” of nursing and work your way to the top, this is the way to do it. Remember all through your training, you will be salaried, by doing things this way.

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    Is it safe to work as a CNA Nursing Assistant if I currently have 2 rounds of Hepatitis B shots?
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