Certified Nursing Assistant Test Preparation

certified nursing assistantWe’ve talked a lot about what it’s like to be a certified nursing assistant, what skills you’ll need, and what your expected salary and duties will be like in other articles…but let’s get down to the stressful part. Taking the certified nursing assistant test.

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you study for your CNA certification exam, you might still be a bit apprehensive when the big day comes. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of what the CNA test entails and you’ll feel more prepared.

The CNA test consists of a written exam which is followed by a practical exam. First, let’s look at the written exam.

The written portion of the CNA certification test consists of 70 questions which are multiple choice as well as 10 non-scored questions that are used to collect statistical information. The exam questions are on the following subjects:

  • Laboratory procedures
  • Patient care
  • Record keeping
  • Basic nursing skills pertinent to a certified nursing assistant

Most schools that you attend will give you one or several pretests before the big exam day comes. This is an important question to ask when you are selecting a school. Even online classes offer pretests, and although the exact same questions will not necessarily be on your exam; taking and passing a pretest will give you an idea of whether you are weak in any specific areas.

If you don’t happen to pass the pretest, use this as a learning tool. Take a look at the questions you answered incorrectly and decide why. Did you misread the question? Was it difficult to understand? Is there a certain area, such as laboratory procedures that you seem to be weak in? Once you determine why you answered incorrectly, you’ll be able to go back and study the things that you need in order to pass.

Also, when taking notes during class, most teachers really stress areas that you need to know. After all, the school wants their students to succeed. Keep this in mind when taking your notes and be sure to highlight or write down key phrases.

The second part of the certified nursing assistant exam is a skill evaluation test. This practical test includes the following:

  • A hands on portion where students are required to perform five skills the evaluator randomly selects. These skills could include taking a temperature, positioning a patient, the correct way to move a patient, taking a blood pressure, and other basic skills. During this portion of the CNA test, your confidence and attention to detail are key. You’ll need to perform all five correctly in order to receive your National Nurse’s Aide Assessment Program Certification.
  • Reading comprehension and medical terminology recognition questions.
  • An oral examination.

Sounds intimidating, but if you know your material, you will do well. After all, a certified nursing assistant is often responsible for those recovering from severe medical conditions. There is a great responsibility involved.

Bottom line? Be prepared and you will succeed.

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