Choosing CNA Training- When You Want to Become a Nurse

cna trainingCNA Training

In the past, we’ve discussed how to choose the right CNA training school. Each and every tip is essential for obtaining the right education so you can understand what you need to in order to be a great CNA.

When you begin CNA training with the intention of becoming a nurse later on, though, your choice in schools is even more essential.

Choosing CNA Training

When you want to become a nurse after working as a CNA for some time, there are certain factors you need to look for before you earn your certification to ensure you can easily transition from CNA training to nursing school.

  • Accreditation- When choosing a CNA training school, always make sure it is accredited. Accreditation ensures you are receiving the right education so you will be prepared for your career, and also ensures you qualify for certification.
  • Credits- If you plan on attending nursing school sometime after CNA training, then you need to begin thinking about your future studies now. Many colleges that offer CNA training courses will also provide you with credits for completing these courses that can be used toward your nursing degree. This can give you a leg up on your studies and help you achieve your LPN or RN license that much more quickly.
  • Job Placement- Earning your certification might have been exciting and simple, but actually finding employment after CNA training isn’t always as easy. If you want some experience before you begin nursing school and don’t want to have to rely on the whim of the economy to find a job, make sure you attend a school with job placement opportunities. These locations will actually seek out employment for you and often have ties with the community, making it much less difficult to find employment and begin learning and experiencing the world of health care after CNA training.
  • Approved State Board Exam Sites- While this tip may not assist you in entering nursing school, it does help when you need to complete CNA training. Schools that have been approved as state exam sites will help you register for your state exam and offer you quicker feedback on how you performed during the exam, generally within two business days. These schools may also include the cost of the state exam within their tuition, making it easy for you to get certified and move on to your next goal.

Becoming a Nurse After CNA Training

If you want to become an licensed practical nurse or registered nurse after CNA training, begin preparing for this goal by researching the CNA training school you are going to attend. Not all are the same, and some may be better than others. You will need to ensure the CNA school is accredited, has a great reputation, and will assist you in finding a job. Most importantly, though, make sure the school will help you prepare for your future in the wonderful and rewarding health care field by providing you with credits toward your nursing degree when you finish CNA training.

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